What is up with his pic?

#1 Posted by Bookman (832 posts) - - Show Bio

The Bio does not explain what is going on. Does he mimic powers now to?

#2 Posted by Neji (55 posts) - - Show Bio

Wasnt that his main ability? to do both, visual, and power copying

#3 Posted by fesak (8475 posts) - - Show Bio

That pic is from the Modok's Eleven mini from last year, i haven't read it yet so i don't know what happened.

#4 Posted by Quentin_Beck (23 posts) - - Show Bio

Apparently AIM decided it would be a good idea to make ANOTHER Super-Adaptoid.  They paid Chameleon to not join MODOK's 11 and the Super-Adaptoid joined instead.

#5 Posted by brc2000 (1686 posts) - - Show Bio

Yea. The pic isn't Chameleon. It should be changed.

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