Missing Jono..

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Jono Starsmore Aka Chamber has been seriously missing from the x-men scene way too long.  
I was hoping that he'd show up somewhere during the vampire arc, considering his relations to Jubilee and Dracula, but oh well. 
He's constantly had these little moments pointing to his potential and he's a great character but he keeps getting the shaft. 
Hope someone does something with him soon. 

Loved the Chamber Mini Series.
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Well, he was in New Warriors as Decibel but after that he hasn't been heard from or seen
You'd think after the whole Utopia deal, a kid running around looking like miniaturized Apocalypse would stick out but no go it seems
He's in the new Age of X, though, which I'm super stoked about

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Ya I liked the New Warrior series actually. He proved to be one of the most brave and competent members of the team. Loved the Jono/Jube moments. I also liked that Stacy X was brought back in that series although I didn't like how you could hardly recognize her character and she died without any real scenes.
0 was hardly recognizable as a character

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What's he doing now?

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@Joesoef95 said:


What's he doing now?

I believe he is planned to be a teacher at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. He's supposedly back to his Chamber persona (thank freaking goodness, I hated Decibel). Don't quote me though, that's just what I've heard on the board.

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Is this the third time he's blown off his chest?

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@RazielWraith said:

Is this the third time he's blown off his chest?

yes the Third time :D i know I am way late but meh, Good News is he will be in the new X men title (or at least should be, funny how he never appeared in X force)

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