Loose strings with Jonothan Starsmore

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So after a long time of mulling over Jono's character and story I feel its time to write this.  
After the events of M Day Jonothan Starsmore (then code named Chamber) lost his mutant power and was sustained on life support. He was eventually kidnapped by Clan Akkaba and given the blood of Apocalypse to restore his chest and mouth. Leaving Jono in a full Apocalypse-looking human form. He then was able to escape from Clan Akkaba, and reveled he was leaving omega-level power residue. In addition, there was foreshadowing that a Jono/Apocalypse storyline was on the horizon.
At the time of his departure from Clan Akkaba I thought we may see a resurrection of his romance with Paige Guthrie (Husk). The divisive element in their past romance has been that Jono felt he could never be close to Paige due to his mutant ability leaving him "mouthless" and who would want a man she couldn't kiss. Now with his chest and mouth restored that barrier would be gone.  
But that didn't happen. We learned in the Civil War New Warriors volume that this transformation Jono went through left him depressed and suicidal. He couldn't stand to be an Apocalypse monster. He did team back up with Jubilee and some more ex-mutants. But what about Paige? Sure she was busy with the X-Men, but you would think Jono would have tried to contact her, or even mention her. But it never came. Worse yet, there was no Jono/Apocalypse storyline like was foreshadowed. In addition, Husk is barley mentioned in X-titles (last being a 1 panel appearance in Utopia). The end of the New Warriors volume had the team breaking up and going their separate ways. Since then, no more Jono.
This past week it was revealed that Jubilee would be returning to the X-Men (in apparently vampire form). What about the rest of her Gen-X teammates? Will we see Husk again? What is going on with Jono? At C2E2 this past weekend it was revealed that X-Force will be taking on Apocalypse. Will Marvel finally tie in this lost Jono/Apocalypse story? Probably not. They seem to want to end the post M-Day storylines with Second Coming. But it would be nice to see. It would also be a great time to revisit the Jono/Husk love affair. Here's to hoping.

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Husk may be in the background a lot of the tmie now, but she seems to be attracted to guys who are (usually) unobtainable.  So at first she was attracted to Chamber who she couldn't kiss, and later she made obvious her attraction to Angel (an older man with a personal wealth worth millions).  I don't really think that paige & Jono should get back together as a couple... but it would be nice to see old friends catch up again.
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@xerox-kitty: I agree! I would rather they have a complicated mutual attraction while they continue their separate lives. Would Love Jono to finally return to the x-world but man! Gen-X tends to get all kinds of shafted by marvel!
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Chamber's one of my favourite characters, I really want him back too.

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Methinks the current writer/s don't much like Husk. Shame, I kinda warmed up to her. 
As for the whole Paige/Jono thing, part of me says it's the only logical conclusion (at least a one-night stand!). The other part is pissed at Jono for being such a whiny little emo jerk for like every issue he's been in, ever. I'm just hoping he's grown up since I saw him last; his gloomy angsty crap was almost rivalling Wither's...

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From what I remember, the last time the whole Husk/Chamber relationship was addressed was waaay back in the early 2000's, around the time of the Trial of Juggernaut arc, when the whole Husk/Angel thing was growing. He walks in on them hugging (gasp!), throws a fit and storms off. Paige pursues him, and they start to fight...while in the middle of assisting the rest of the x-men in repelling Alpha Flight. Husk ended up saying something along the lines of 'why couldn't you have loved me the way I loved you?', which summed it up pretty succinctly. I'm told there was an issue shortly after that where Jono decides to go off with...some group, somewhere, I forget if it's Mutants Sans Frontiers or something else, and Paige asks if it's because of her and Angel, but I never managed to find that scene. 
As to why they never called one another, I'd like to draw your attention to the Poptopia arc, in which Jono goes off and gets laid. By a celebrity. What's more, this happened in England, where there's a considerably bigger tabloid industry (ever wondered why we used to see so many pictures of Amy Winehouse?). It doesn't help that Husk mentions she heard about the whole event when they see one another again, after Jono returns to the US and they meet up again. If this doesn't display Jono's lack of a meaningful connection with Husk, I'm not sure what it does display. 
Me, I'm hoping that Husk and Jono never, ever see each other again, because it seems inevitable that should their paths cross, there will be some godawful rekindling of their formulaic and unconvincing relationship. They have nothing in common!

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The X-Force Apocalypse story has already stated and no Chmaber, Jono, whatever
Since he IS in Age of X I'm hoping that means he'll show back up in "normal" X-books
He's always been one of my favorite characters and I kinda miss him...existing
Although Chamber is much, much cooler than Decible

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I loved Husk & Jono the whole Gen X crew, i feel that for some very odd reason the Marvel X writers choose to forget Gen X ever happened. They Focus on the New Mutants & then the Academy X kids. Even now Jason Aaron seems to be focusing on the kids that Grant Morrison brought into the school but all the Gen X characters are pissed on and lost in the wind. oh well

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