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Last issue of this comic which was made up of both reprints from Marvel horror comics from the 50’s and new material.

1.  I Am the Invisible: A man gains the power of invisibility but finds it has unforeseen consequences. Art: Steve Ditko 5 pages.

2. Believe It… or Not: A pilot crashes in a hostile nation and while trying to get to the boarder is stalked by a mysterious stranger. 5 pages. Story is a reworking of a story by Jack Kirby  that appeared in Chamber of Darkness # 5 reinterpreted by Bill Everett, and Dan Adkins

3. A Thousand Years Later: A man discovers a way to stop aging but finds it’s not all he dreamed it would be as everyone in the world ages and dies but him. Eventually everyone in the world migrates to the stars and the man is left along on the Earth… or is he? (Cliché ending alert!) 6 pages. Art: Steve Ditko. Script: Stan Lee

4. The Beast That Walks Like a Man! An alien from another planet what want to invade Earth have found that they can be stopped by a scientist whom their intelligence tells them attending a costume part. One of the aliens goes to the party knowing that the humans there will just think him another man in a costume, grabbing the scientist and taking him to his spaceship the alien is in for a surprise of his own. Art & Script: unstated.

Cover  by Bernie Wrightson







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