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Experimenting with "Movie Comics"

This series is what I like to call a "Movie Comic".  Basically it's a story that seems like it was originally intended to be a movie, but someone decided to make it into a comic book instead.  These are usually the non-superhero/sci-fi/fantasy comics.  Of course this could probably be considered VERY LIGHT science fiction, I haven't seen anything yet that would classify it deeply into that category.
So, anyways, in this issue a downed submarine might cause the extinction of everyone and everything on the planet earth.  The government has 72 hours to recover the submarine or it's lights out.  To top it all off the guy that's best suited for the job doesn't want anything to do with it.
The story seems to be pretty decent.  If it were a movie ... no, I'd probably wait until it came out on DVD and then MAYBE I'd rent it.  That's probably more to do with the genre than anything else. 
The artwork leaves a lot to be desired.  Chee Yang Ong doesn't seem to put a lot of imagination into the story.  I once heard that a writer could make up a script that was nothing but two guys in a room talking, and with an artist worth their salt it would be one of the most interesting comics ever, regardless of what the two men were talking about.  Lack of multiple angles and creativity are a real let down here.
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