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Chainsaw is a Marvel villain. He is the leader of the Pretorians, "a fanatical motorcycle gang of white supremacists ". The gang is regularly employed by the Secret Empire and used to confront and hopefully eliminate various enemies of the organization. Chainsaw debuted as a Moon Knight enemy. He has also faced the Punisher, Silvermane and Viper.  

Dead Man's Hand

 Chainsaw vs Punisher
Chainsaw and his Pretorians are used as manpower for the Secret Empire and is ordered to eliminate the Punisher after a strike team the Empire sent failed to kill him. Chainsaw would rally his followers during a bonfire meeting at the Nevada desert and tell the Pretorians they are no longer road rats and white punks anymore. They were going to move to the top and chop down anyone that gets in their way. A follower relays a message from the Circle of Ten that the Punisher is staying at a motel off the 161 and needs to be eliminated. Chainsaw and his gang bring baby Bucky with them and head towards Las Vegas. The Viper is with the Punisher at the motel and she tells him that some underworld high rollers are gathering in Vegas when the room is suddenly under heavy gunfire. Chainsaw breaks out with a heavy duty shotgun/grenade launcher called Big Joe and blows up the front door. He tells his men to check the room for the Punisher's body but Castle and the Viper come out with guns blazing. Silvermane appears during the fight and takes down some of the Pretorians because he believes they were hired to stop him from attending the underworld meeting. The Punisher is reluctant to shoot at Chainsaw because baby Bucky is riding on his chopper. Castle aims for his head but he misses and snaps the chain from the chainsaw with one shot. The chain whips around and cuts Chainsaw in the face. The Punisher has an extended, metal pole with a small hook at one end and decides to play chicken with the charging biker. The Punisher has impeccable timing and is able to grab baby Bucky from the chopper and leave a skull shaped scar on Chainsaw's chest. Chainsaw and his gang retreat, leaving round one to the Punisher. Chainsaw and his gang reappear when the Punisher, Viper, Nomad and Daredevil disrupt the meeting and try to take down the underworld players involved. Daredevil was able to commandeer a helicopter and he forced the pilot to crash-land near Chainsaw and his gang. Chainsaw and his bikers were hurled off their bikes after the fiery impact and presumed dead.   
Chainsaw survived and resurfaced some time later at the home of a man named Howard who was a jury member regarding a case against some Pretorians. Chainsaw broke through the door with some of his goons and told Howard to keep the Pretorians from getting a guilty verdict and not to call the Feds. Chainsaw took Howard's son as insurance and promised to keep him in one piece if he did the right thing.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Chainsaw's favorite method of attack consists of riding his motorbike at high speeds towards his enemies while pointing a working chainsaw at them. Those unable to avoid are instantly mutilated. If this fails, Chainsaw simply pulls out a handgun to shoot them down. Though not superpowered, he seems to have survived brutal attacks by his opponents, despite several of them going for the kill. He might have a healing factor.
Chainsaw covers his face with a leather mask with a vaguely human appearance. Both this habit and weapon of choice actually point to the character which this villain strives to imitate: Leatherface of the " Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series.  

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