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Night Thrasher would attain some information that the Concrete Dragons gang was back in operation after several members were given a beating by a woman they believed was Silhouette. Dwayne confronted Sil and accused her of leading the Dragons in her brother's absence. Sil denied everything and Dwayne figured that someone was impersonating her and wanted to know why. Night Thrasher and Silhouette found the warehouse where the Concrete Dragons were running a petty smuggling scam two miles west of Laguardia Airport and take out the members inside. The two heroes are confronted by Chagrin as they look through the cheap merchandise. Chagrin is a nonstop chatterbox and puts up a fight with her bo staff. Night Thrasher is able to remove Chagrin's bo staff from her while Silhouette sneaks up behind her from the shadows. Chagrin is knocked down by Silhouette's crutches and Night Thrasher demands some answers from her. Chagrin refuses to give the information they want until Night Thrasher kisses her. Silhouette tells Night Thrasher to kiss the tramp and he complies. Chagrin tells them that the man who hired her knew everything about Night Thrasher and Silhouette. Chagrin was hired to impersonate Silhouette to force Night Thrasher to find "him" and force a confrontation with "him". Night Thrasher realized the man behind this entire fiasco was Silhouette's brother, Midnight's Fire. Chagrin asked Night Thrasher what she gets after giving them the information they wanted and Silhouette replies with a punch that knocks her out. 

Abilities & Weapons

Chagrin is a skilled fighter and carries a stick that can extend into a longer bo staff. Chagrin tends to talk all the time which can be distracting for her opponents.

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