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Cerebro used to be much like his 616 counterpart until Magneto updated him by using Phalanx's technology and gave him a mind of his own. He helped train the younger mutants as he linked to the danger room. He could even tap into his Phalanx power to interact with machinery and absorbed other substances to increase his size. Cerebro also has the ability to detect mutant abilities. After the apparent death of Magneto and the X-Men, Cerebro joined the Six in hopes of saving other mutants from a similar fate.


Original Cerebro had been constructed to amplified the power of telepaths and allowed them to find other mutants after Magneto upgrade with Phalanx technology Cerebro was capable of developing his own body. He could drained the life of beings, interact with machinery, shapeshift and could absorbed mass into his body to increase his size, it possible that he could teleporth too using the Phalanx channel but this unknown.


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