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Ceranda was a native of one of the worlds of the Balatraan star-system. One of the last of a line of practitioners in the black arts, Ceranda was cast out of one of those cities, and came to dwell on the surface of her home world to live out the rest of her life as an exile.

During her lonely existence, Ceranda happened to notice the god Thor locked in battle with Doctor Doom following their exit from the pocket universe created by Franklin Richards. She locked on to Thor and brought him to her world unaware that she had brought Doctor Doom to the planet as well.

Pretending to discover Thor by accident on the planet's surface, Ceranda used her magic secretly to keep him from leaving her and to keep him as company. Thor became smitten by her and used his godly powers to make her existence as easy as possible by helping her to farm and toil the surface for food. Meanwhile, Doom realized it was Ceranda who was keeping Thor from using his hammer to escape the planet. Armed with a Balatraan force, he attacked Ceranda's home and stripped her of her powers before killing her and then leaving the planet. Ceranda died in Thor's arms as she used what was left of her power to remove all memory of herself from Thor's memories.

After Thor departed the planet, Enrakt the Enchanter split his astral essence in two. He entered a portion of himself into Mjolnir before Thor had left and the other half of himself into Ceranda. Restoring her to a semblance of life, he then began manipulating Thor's hammer from afar in his efforts to destroy him and avenge his brother Forsung.

After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Odin and Thor, Enrakt was discovered as Ceranda and weakened as her body returned to a semblance of death. Freed of Enrakt's presence, her body was placed under a glass of everlasting honor in Asgard's Chamber of Eternal Heroes.

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