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Centaurion is a demi-god from Olympus that was sent by Bellona to capture a young mystic named Kyllian Kell after she learned that he was the host for three Celtic Gods. Centaurion confronted Kyllian on the streets of New York City and struck with an energy bolt from his sword. The powers of the Celtic trio that reside within Kyllian protected him from near death. Kyllian counterattacked when his stone symbol on his chest activated and Centaurion's legs were engulfed by the ground. Centaurion was trapped so Kyllian fired a mystic bolt to crack a fire hydrant where a strong stream of water blasted the Centaur warrior. Centaurion broke free and fired another bolt of energy at Kyllian. The young mystic raised his staff and absorbed the attack. Kyllian re-channeled the blast at Centaurion and knocked him out. Bellona appeared to check on Centaurion and saw him on the ground. Centaurion quickly revived and apologized to Bellona for failing his mission and wanted another chance to redeem his honor. Bellona told Centaurion the time wasn't right and they returned back to Olympus after she opened a portal with the Salts of Skartekis.


Centaurion was created by Geof Isherwood in 1993 and first appeared in Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme # 54. 

Powers & Abilities

Centaurion is a Centaur demi-god from Olympus that possesses superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury. Centaurion also has enhanced speed due to his animal attributes and carries a sword that can fire bolts of energy.

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