What was his purpose?

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What was the purpose of Cell in Dbz?

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To kill Goku

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@dreadmaster said:
" To kill Goku "
That's like every villain's purpose. lol
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Ok, so if he did that and then beat all the Z fighters, then what?

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@Editman said:

"Ok, so if he did that and then beat all the Z fighters, then what? "

He doesn't.....They didn't work past that....lol
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I Hate DBZ lol.
I didn't like anything past the freeza saga

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Yes, as if anything in DBZ was created with whole depth and character-driven meaning involved. Goku was a Superman template from the get-go, and each villain was just THAT much more stronger, thus forcing Goku to get stronger himself and beat them. That's it. The end.

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He was created to be the ultimate android by Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army to get his revenge on Goku and follow his plans of world domination.

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To suck 
As in absorption lol

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@Breaker envoy of Setron said:
"To suck   As in absorption lol "

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Depth is subjective. Just because the characters aren't crying in a corner doesn't mean they are whitless and unreal. Goku from day one has this uncanny coolness about him and is always optimistic - admirable qualities.    Goku's purpose is to fight and better himself as a warrior that's it. You cannot judge depth based on the fact that he doesn't care about superfluous things like popularity, wealth and relationships. There are other characters that contrast him in that sense - this stark contrast plays also into the humor of the show. Goku is unfettered by worldly things much like a Godly Figure, thus achieved nirvana. Every person pulls something different from every experience. You see a puddle, but I see an ocean.

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if you think about it in the cosmic since he was just there to make goku a better warrior, but he seems like he wouldve just killed everything had he won in the end.

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