Will the Celestials ever show up outside the comics?

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As far as I know they've never been in any live action or animated shows or even video games so is it possible that they'll ever be seen by a movie or tv audience?

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they may appear although not in the way we expect them to be, just look at the movie version galactus.

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Cosmic entities have all failed hard in live-action.

Galactus? Terrible

Parrallax? Terrible

Chi'Tauri? Terrible

Malekith? Terrible

There's probably more I'm forgetting. Ghost Rider maybe? Horribad.

Animated version? Anything's possible.

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Maybe but they would not do that much

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I wouldn't mind seeing Sir Anthony Hopkins strap on the Destroyer armor for a Celestial throw down

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lol stan lee cameo as one above all

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Who would've thought that the GotG movie would feature a Celestial?

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