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Ever since I could remember, I've always had an about the Celestials to which one day I hope to see published. In a What If? scenario, the Celestials are transformed into humans, who lose their godlike powers. But, during their evolution as a human, they slowly regain their powers back. Between the beginning and the end, they face multiple groups, such as the Deviants, Inhumans, etc; those they had created thousands of years prior. Basically a Master vs Student story. It could be centered around a specific Celestial.
Other than that, I think it's about time they show back up in the comics. I think a lot of people have been itching to see what's new on their agenda.

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@Dark Cloud™: The Celestials showed up pretty recently in Uncanny X-Men.  
They were stared down by the X-Men in what has to be one of the dumbest moments in...well, you know, it's actually been pretty on par with how dumb everything has been in comicdom lately. 
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Weren't they in Future Foundation this year as well?

In fact looking at their comic appearance list by date, they've been in comics consecutively for years straight now.

Your What If? proposal was already the source of Heroes Reborn: Doomsday more or less, Ashema having taken on a

human form then being brought up to her form proper again.

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@Dark Cloud™: The inhumans were created by the kree (early humans they experimented on) it's the eternals and the deviants that where created by the celestials.

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