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The Charming Bookseller

Cedric is Phobos ' right hand and leader of his armies. Cedric disguises as a charming bookseller in Heartherfield to attain Elyon Brown's trust.  He first met Elyon during a Halloween Party and attracted her. When Elyon finally put her trust on him, Cedric lured her into Meridian so that Phobos can easily steal her powers.

Phobos and cedric became a very dangerous team up for the W.i.t.c.h. They have put them into various troubles and missions. Cedric is also one of the responsible villains who transformed the citizens of meridians into black roses and imprisoning the people into a painting. When the W.i.t.c.h. have rettained Elyon's Crown of Light, the two were defeated. They were punished to be imprisoned.

Later on, at the fourh saga, when the fans have thought that this team up have ended, this saga became another stage of spreading evil through Earth and the various magical dimensions. Cedric was freed by Phobos who poses as Endarno who became the Oracle after Himerish have been out of the position. He was then sent to Earth to steal the Heart of Kandrakar from Will Vandom. During the saga, Cedric have also encountered Will's lover Matt Olsen that led to the near discovery of the guardians' powers.

Later on, Phobos betrayed Cedric knowing tha he should no longer be part of the plan. When cedric discovered this, he stole the crown of Light from Elyon to perform his revenge.  Once more, the crown is retrieved and he was again imprisoned and he was depowered.

Oracle then freed him knowing that he is not purely evil. Cedric then realizes that the guardians should be blamed for his losses. Ehen he have returned to his bookstore, Cedric attracted the spirit of Jonathan Ludmoore, a spirit trapped in a magical book. Ludmoore have influenced Cedric's hatred and did evil. He then imprisoned Matt Olsen inside this book.   When Lidmoore have been released, Cedric believed that he will somehow retrieve his powers. This then lead to being romantically involved with Orube. Later on, he realizes that as he fall in love with her, he feels the emotions of being an ordinary human.

When the guardians have opened the book, it sucked Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia, Hay Lin, Orube and Cedric. Ludmoore then made his powers back and have the Heart of Kandrakar as a ransome. When Ludmoore attempted to blast Orube, Cedric took the blast instead and wounded badly. When he died, like other persons who died in the book, he turned into ink. Before he returned from being an ink, he told orube his final vow.

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