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Born in the 18th Century, along with her brother Papa Midnite. When living in New York, a slave named Cuffee attempted a rebellion using a special gun powder Midnite had given him. The powder didn't work and hundreds of slaves were killed. As a result Cuffee had his revenge on Midnite, forcing him to murder Cedella and decapitate her as well as cursing him to immortality while Cedlla was left to be tortured in Hell.

While in Hell, Cedella would be forced to provide information to Midnite as a spy by contacting him through the skull.


Cedella first appeared as a skull in Hellblazer #1 (Jan 1988) created by Jamie Delano. The back story was expanded upon by Matt Johnson.

Major Story Arcs

Damnation's Flame

During an encounter with Papa Midnite, John Constantine was sent to Hell. Thinking he had rid himself of Constantine for good, the tables were soon turned against Midnite. Constantine had met the spirit of Cedella in Hell and together managed to break free. Cedella took her revenge on her brother, haunting him and eventually forcing him to jump off the Empire State Building to his apparent death.

Other Media


Cedella makes an appearance in the 5th episode of the NBC series Constantine titled "Danse Vaudou". When Papa Midnite begins accidentally raising spirits in New Orleans, he turns to his sister's skull for confirmation. Later on Constantine himself asks Cedella what she knows of the coming darkness, but she only tells him that it is too late to stop it.

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