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Cazon landed escaped to Earth and met up with She-Hulk and her Skrull bounty hunter partner, Jazinda. He is being hunted and was hoping to find more of his people. His ship's sensors picked mistook She-Hulk's radiation emissions as those of his race.

He was accused of being a mass murderer and secretly arranging the deaths of numerous innocent people because they didn't support him. He claims he was set up by his rivals.

She-Hulk doesn't want to help him, do the hero thing anymore. Jazinda, after spending time with Earthlings, has become infected with the notion of altruism. They end up helping him when a member of the Badoon race arrives. She-Hulk fights off the Badoon while Jazinda helps Cazon get away. He then reveals that he never said he was innocent and shoots Jazinda with her gun that would "kill one of [her] people."

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