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 The Scalding Man!!
Not too much is known about Cauldron before he came into conflict with the Thing and Bill Foster. The Thing would visit his friend Bill Foster and see him tackling a giant, metallic being called Cauldron. This metal monster was trying to steal Foster's dimensional wave inducer and causing chaos in the streets while he tried to escape. Foster would burn his hand when he tried to grab Cauldron's body. The Thing confronted Cauldron and was doused with a heavy dose of scalding, hot liquid that spewed from his mouth. Cauldron gloated that he couldn't wait to tell the fellas that he cooked the Thing like a lobster dinner. The Thing appeared unscathed and knocked Cauldron into a car with a powerful punch. The media appeared and Cauldron claimed he suffered a whiplash injury from the Thing. Cauldron was shackled and taken into SHIELD custody.  
Cauldron would sue the Thing for damages and would be represented by the She Hulk's law firm. The Thing asked for Jennifer Walter's help but she couldn't take Grimm's case because it would be a conflict of interest. 
Powers & Abilities:
Cauldron is a giant, metal being that stored super hot liquid inside his body. Cauldron's metal hide is extremely hot and can burn anyone when they touch him. Cauldron can also spew the scalding liquid from his mouth. Cauldron has a degree of superhuman strength and durability.

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