gr2blackout's Catwoman review

Egyptian Gods, Goop That Turns You Into The Thing, and NO SELINA?

This movie is crap. Crappity crap crap. Sucky cat puns, a LAME costume, and skin moisturizer that turns you into a rocky, superhuman crap-face?!?! Dont waste your time watching this. It will shrink your brain and burn your eyes. It would be sort of good if it wasn't a superhero movie, but a movie called, hmmm... "Catlady?" Yeah. That way, it would be semi-watchable.


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    Hello Viners. I originally thought about continuing my reviews with Batman Begins. I don't know why I decided to do this instead. Maybe I'm a sucker for bad movies, maybe I just have a crush on Halle Berry and won't admit it, or maybe I'm just insane. Who knows? Anyway, I'm writing this little opening before I've seen the film. I just decided to do Catwoman, and I knew how I wanted to word this opening. So let's get started.The GoodBefore I go into the good of the film, I have to make one thing ...

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