Your ideal Carwoman tv series?

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What actress would you cast to play her?

What would be the plot or what comic would you base it off of?

Who would be the antagonist?(you can chose more than one)

What Tv Station?

Also what style costume would you use?

This would be my choice.

For me I would chose Morena Baccarin from V to play her ,I would make the series like the tv show Leverage but a little more edgy and comic book like obviously. I would also put the show on HBO or Showtime so it wont be limited or canceled to easily.

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So i guess no one has an answer...

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Actress: I wouldnt be averse to your suggestion of Morena even though I haven't watched any of her shows. Another avid Catwoman fan who's a friend of mine recommends her strongly

Plot: Heists of course. I don't want them limiting it to Gotham. I'd like to see a variety of international settings for Selina -- London, Paris, Rome, etc.

Antagonists: Does there have to be one?

TV Station: A major network, not CW

Costume: Her catsuit, but with mask, no goggles. Like this:

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