Whatever Happened to Helena Kyle?

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I recently decided to reread my trades of the 2002 Catwoman ongoing and while I left the series soon after the one year later event because of Brubakers departure and its declining quality there was one plot point I found interesting Selina Kyle's daughter Helana Kyle. Looking her up on Comic Vine there is not information about the character at all (http://www.comicvine.com/helena-kyle/29-82953/) and nothing seems to have been done with the character or even the characters farther Sam Bradley Jr. I personally think the story was interesting and developed Selina as a character as she attempted to retire from being cat woman with Holly taking up the mantle before coming to the difficult decision of putty Helena up for adoption.

With the new 52 I doubt this character will come up again but does anyone remember if anything more was done with this concept or have any thoughts about the story even regarding why it was so quickly abandoned.

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>_> I didn't read it but I remember people saying she tried to have zatana erase her memory of her child but zatana refused.

It seemed to have been pretty much abandoned but occasionally mentioned. But on Earth 2 in the new 52 Catwoman raised a daughter named Helena with Batman(the father) and they fought crime XD. Till catwoman's demise.

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i think the main reason it was so quickly abondoned was because people wanted selina to be catwoman, not a mother. i liked the story but i do prefer her as catwoman. as for the father, it was strongly hinted that bruce was helena's father(i'd like to think that he was) but it was never really proven and plus bruce went along with selina's story of her fling with slam. i think if say the reboot had not happened, dc may have done a story on her returning grown up to find out about her heritage and revealing that bruce was the true father. but i guess we probaly wont see that happen :(.

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I'm was glad the father wasn't Bruce.I wish Dc would have kept her as an anti hero/mother,but oh well.

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Will Pfeifer write himself into a corner with that one.

The only Helena worth recognizing as Catwoman's daughter is Helena Wayne.

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As a self contained piece I thought the Helena Kyle story was great. However the ending was a bit unfortunate and didn't put Catwoman in a terribly positive light. That particular Catwoman should have rode off into the sunset with her daughter, only to return without her later, with a damn good excuse for doing so.

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