Stealing Requires Finesse

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Well actually stealing only requires finesse in fiction (comics) not in real life.  I was reading yesterday that art thefts are up all around the world in the past decade but that the methods are not as refined as we expect from some of the most famous fictional thieves.  Instead of carefully executed schemes to sneak into an museum or bank and disable the security, most thefts are basically just armed heists where a group descends on a museum and makes off with whatever art they want in front of a surprised public.  More so some art pieces are not even being valued for their worth, rather some sculptures are simply melted down for their worth as scrap metal.  The fencers are not really as they are displayed in fiction either, instead of being adept masters that can move anything, art usually disappears for a long time before resurfacing, mostly because it is hard to sell (because of provenance).  Just like many other aspects of comics, the basis for characters such as Catwoman squeezing through a crawl space or disabling a security computer lay well in the past of the pulp serials of the 1930s or even the crime epics of the 1970s.  The modern world of thievery has no real adventure or redeeming aspects to it, rather it is just another way less moral people can make a quick dollar. 
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I'd like to prefer to stay in my own little world and think that thieves are all like Catwoman or Black Cat, thank you very much. :P

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Sorry, would it help if this blog was based on any factual basis?  :D

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