How is Ann Nocenti interpretation of Catwoman so far?

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After Judd Winnick left Catwoman I was wondering if Ann Nocenti could do a good job.

So far I've heard varying opinions about it & wondered if it was worth picking up.

Is it?

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@comkid100: Abysmal is pretty much the perfect description

Issue 0 is just horribly bad, it not only because of the interpretation of CW or because of the new origin but because of the way the thing was written

and there doesnt seem to be any improvement on the next chps either

Catwoman is just kind of playing safe on the basic concept that "she is a thief" but from the emotional side of the character she is just bland and meaningless

but is the way of writing in the plots that is the real problem

with Winick we had a classic Catwoman investigates some horrible crime

with Nocenti, is basically an acid trip regarding a heist

for example the Joker chps, Catwoman is hired to play some kind of chess game dealing with stealing giant chess pieces, then she discovers that there are people inside the chess pieces and they will die if they are sacrificed, this leads nowhere, we dont get an explanation why the F is this a thing, or even what exactly are the rules of this chess game, we only see Catwoman doing something

then in the next issue the Joker appears to do his DoTF stuff, he grabs catwoman and brings her to a circus where he basically tortures her with random circus machines at the same time that he starts giving his evil speech

and then he just leaves, and thats it, it just has a really anticlimactic ending in which Joker tries to make Catwoman into a villain for Batman and she pretty much is like "meh, i dont care about batman"

Its the worst Catwoman ever

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Iwas hoping to get more then one persons opinion on the matter.

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Catwoman continues to be a disappointing title for me, and the origin Anne penned for her is super lame.

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Her stories are a bit more entertaining and require a tad more thinking than Winick's (partly because its incomprehensible) but her Selina is still a big NO. Atrocious dialogue and characterization. In that regard, on a par with Winick's Selina

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Horrible and note I was tempted to put a w in front of that. This has to be the worst run on the title ever!

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I haven't read it in a couple months and I love Catwoman and have always ordered her solos. I just feel like Ann Nocenti didn't add anything good to her origin story, it was a lot of subterfuge that didn't capitalize on anything that makes Catwoman a good character.

People need to see Selina as working class, someone who never fit in and beat a path for herself outside of society (or the lawful society anyways) while still diving into excess and impulses. Winnick did an okay job, I don't mind Catwoman acting juvenile but she needs more credibility, not any of this soap melodrama bull.

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HexThis, are you picking up JLA? Have a feeling we'll find out more about her there

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In a word: Horrid.

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I'd go with disapointing.

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I happen to love it. It feels like a Tarentino movie. Viscous Combat topped with T&A.

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Honestly, I pick up an issue every now and then because its hilarious. The dialogue is just terrible, and the plots are incredibly stupid, sometimes bordering on incomprehensible, but something about the way Nocenti delivers it all makes it enjoyable in the most caustic of ways.

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It's completely awful. Like, it causes me physical harm to read it

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It's pretty horrible.I believe that a little bit of Selina's character was ruined and if Nocenti continues with the same stuff it will become even worser.

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wow its a shame that Ann can't do the character justice. thank you for giving me your opinions on this matter. I don't mean to disrepect any of you but I think I will pick up her first volume in trade to see how she actually is. ( I'm try not to relie on other peoples judgements since then I can unfairly judge something or have an opinion on something I've never actually read. Once again thank you.

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^ I wouldn't suggest getting a whole volume. Issues #14(Best) - #16(Worst) should give you a good idea of what you might be getting into.

It wasn't one of my favorites even when Winick was writing it but it was somewhat enjoyable and I liked Catwoman as a character. The crap with that black jewel that summoned demons or whatever made me cancel my subscription right away. At least we'll be able to see her in JLA.

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I think the picture sums the it.

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Is it that bad? I really liked 1-12 a lot tho. IT was going amazing.

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@agent9149: I got Judds run of cat-woman and I did enjoy it.

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After Judd Winnick left Catwoman I was wondering if Ann Nocenti could do a good job.

So far I've heard varying opinions about it & wondered if it was worth picking up.

Is it?

Horrible. I tried to stick around after Nocenti, but after 5 issues I had to quit reading Catwoman. I know this is late.

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I am not a big fan of the current run. The art is good though.

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I just pick up a Catwoman book for the first time in a while. I'm really confused, it's Catwoman # 22. She is traveling through the gotham underground, where apparently there are other worlds and fire beings? Totally lost...

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Since #13 it's been a tragically low and depressing time for Catwoman fans everywhere. The art is good -- but what good is art without a cohesive and gripping storyline? Nocenti's Selina Kyle is a nebulous, insecure, possible Russian orphan office temp who inexplicably steals Tim Burton's origin a second time (first time, of course, was in the Halle Berry cinematic nightmare desecration). I always liked Catwoman because she was somewhat grounded in reality in all her past volumes -- never more so than in her short Volume 1 and stellar Volume 3 -- but, as several have stated above, this 4th series has really turned into some kind of weird acid trip with demons, diamonds and a boring supporting cast of nobodies ... These days, if you want to enjoy Catwoman, you have to look for her in Justice League of America, the Batgirl annual and the recent Batman and Catwoman 22. She's being written true-to-form everywhere except in her own series. Nocenti needs to go -- and then some new writer must step in to reveal that the Joker has been secretly drugging Catwoman with LSD for the past 6 months, and now, with Batman's help, she's wide awake and ready for her revenge ...

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