How could they pull off a CATWOMAN film!!

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I think if the DCU is to go the way of MARVEL, and open up a whole shared universe, they should take another stab at a CATWOMAN solo movie...

They need a GREAT script, that fits So neatly into the Universe they're creating at DC. They Should introduce Harleen Quinzel, (pre-HarleyQuinn). Though not dwell on the character, just enough to establish her. She should be a psychiatrist at Arkham. Hasnt yet met the Joker, and she is analysing her patient, Pamela Isley.

As much as I'm dwelling on Harley quinn, Its only because I cant think of a story strong enough for her, that's why I ask the question (how could they pull it off).

At the end of the catwoman film, I think we should have it set up so that HARLEY has somehow met the joker, Briefly. Though just enough to get into her head, and show just what he is capable of with such ease.

From there on i imagine she would show some element of infatuation. Thus carrying onto her next meeting with Pamela... End of The Catwoman Film.

Setting up perfectly for... - GOTHAM CITY SIRENS .!.The Movie.!. LoL!

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i don't think we need a catwoman movie. we got the haley bary movie and it was a failure.

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She needs a reboot film, I know a lot of DC fans would say that she had her shot and they should do a different DC character instead ( a Wonder Woman movie would be amazing!) but they didn't do Catwoman justice. There is an oppotunity to make a great film about a strong, sexy, independent female character ( why the hell don't they make a Wonder Woman movie?) and DC and WB are totally missing out on it!

This had been suggested by a few users in other threads... do a clever heist movie staring Catwoman. If they start with a decent script I think the rest would fall into place.

I do think Batman should make an appearance of some kind.

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