How and why did Selina kyle turn into Catwomen?

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@Batman15: Catwoman. Read her page and find out. 
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bitten by a radioactive cat

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@Decoy Elite said:

@Batman15: Catwoman. Read her page and find out.


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everyone knows i was kidding right?

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@Joshmightbe LOL, good one sir.

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Aparrantly now it's the same origin in batman returns.

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"Turn into"? Ok here's what she does. She puts on the burgling gear and BAM, she's Catwoman.

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As with Lex Luthor, they never really give us a solid answer. She's either an ex-hooker who was inspired by Batman, Carmine Falcone's alleged daughter, a Hedy Lamarr-esque thief, some combination of them...

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This should cover it:

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