Gotham City Sirens Question

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Yesterday I bought the first two issues of Gotham City Sirens (Simply because the comic store was selling em' for a cheap 100.00 pesos or $2.00) and while I thought they were good, I got a question that a lot of you Batman fans have an answer: Where did Ivy get all that money and what happened to Bruce Wayne? Sorry if this is a stupid question; I'm still trying to get into DC Comics. :D

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I can't remember the money part, but they do explain it in the series. As for Bruce Wayne, when those comics were written he was 'dead,' but really lost in time. I'm pretty sure the Return of Bruce Wayne is going on right now. 

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Catwoman stole all of Thomas Elliot's (Hush) money at the end of the Heart of Hush storyline (Detective Comics 846-850; Sep. 08-Jan. 09).  This is the same arc that reveals that Elliot had given himself plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne.

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Wow, thanks for clearing that up for me guys.

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@TheSheepHerder: No problem, just trying to help.

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