Favorite story outside of her series?

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Catwoman is one of my favorite comic book characters, but it's occurred to me that I haven't read enough of her. I've read all of her titles and most of the Catwoman Elseworlds and similar stories. Aside from most of the stuff with her name in the title, I haven't read much of Catwoman. And I honestly haven't read anything of her before her appearance in Batman: Year One and subsequently her four issue mini-series (well, two issues in Wonder Woman during the mod phase). I am hoping to be introduced to some good, interesting stories that I am unfamiliar with.
So.....what's your favorite Catwoman story or appearance outside of her title series (and Gotham City Sirens)?

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Hush, easily.

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@Ohmstar: She had a nice little subplot in Tony Daniel's Batman Life After Death recently. He draws her beautifully to boot. Even though she only has a few scenes, Tony Daniel's written a better Catwoman than Dini has in all of Sirens.  I don't like Sirens at all; Catwoman is wasted on that book. She's not getting any character development and seems to always be relegated to being the damsel in distress, i.e. having to be saved by the other two.

My alltime favorite Catwoman is Loeb/Sale in Long Halloween/Dark Victory/When In Rome.
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I liked her in Long Halloween, Dark Victory, and When In Rome and I'd like to read more of her too. Any more suggestions?

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You know i used to collect her comics but then i just stopped and started collecting other comics like Elektra and Fantastic Four that's basically it but i have a lot and i sort of do wanna start collecting her comics but i don't know where to start at collecting 'em

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I am very Happy to hear that end part, I just started  reading it. Thanks :D
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@Hawkeye446:  Great! Let us know how you like it :D
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I liked her in both War Games and Hush. But Hush was EPIC.

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Holy Smokes! So good. The relationship between Bruce and Selina, and Batman and Catwoman was really well written. About to start Catwoman: When in Rome... Looking forward to it :D

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