Famous artworks inspiring comic art

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came across this painting in class today by James McNeil Whistler called Lady Meux


and couldn't help but notice the similarities between this beauty and the beautiful Catwoman in AH!'s Real Power of the DCU. I asked Adam on deviantart if he was influenced by this particular artwork and am currently waiting for a reply, but in the mean time have you noticed any other comic art or covers that seem to have been influenced by traditional art? and if so, share!



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hahahaha American Gothic, Grant Wood. Niiice :]
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Wyeth, cave painting, Salvador Dali, Edward Gorey, Gustav Klimt,
Rene Magritte, Alphonse Mucha, Picasso, C.M. Coolidge, Van Gogh,
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oh dang! haha these ones are crazy. that gustav klimt one is amazing
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The cover of Blaskets Nights Catwoma looks just like a photograph of Audrey Hepburn.

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There's lots of homages to Norman Rockwell. This one for example, but pretty much all of his famous paintings has several comic homages.
That reminds me, i should upload some more pics to the Homage Covers page.

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@ragdollpurps:  Hey, that Lady Meux is a great find! Very beautiful and I can see the resemblance

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