Do you prefer Catwoman/Selina Kyle with long or short hair?

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Catwoman/Selina Kyle with long or short hair?

IMO, I like her both ,but it depends on how it is done or styled.

Short hair:



Long hair:



(not much of how it is styled but the color...I prefer selina to have brown or black hair..)

These are my personal opinions..let me see pics if you want.

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Short hair....

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The only instance I actually liked Selina Kyle's character design was in Long Halloween. It was long there, so I'll go with that.

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I think I prefer it short.

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Short. I love girls that can pull it off.

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@Fuchsia_Nightingale said:


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I have to go with short, girl can pull it off

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LONG! Wow, Im the only one?!

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I'm starting to get sick of the short hair mainly because all of these artists keep adding little cowlick flips in it or they make it really messy or they have it layered and thinned out in strange places. Plus, there's only so much you can do with it- fauxhawk, sidepart, wild, butch - only half of which actually look good.

And I mean....really though?

It was supposed to be like Audrey Hepburn....

or Elizabeth Taylor



(sorry Lisa Rinna)

So that's why I want something a different because too many artists just can't handle the short hair. We've already had 50's-ish so why not 60's-ish, something longer, something more adventurous?

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The first image perfectly details how I think Catwoman should look.

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Short black hair. Her current/normal/modern/GCS look.

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She is one of the few that I like with short hair.

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I prefer short on her, but love her long hair also.

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Not a fan of long haired Selina at all. Also not a fan of blonde Selina, of course I'm not a fan of blondes period so maybe that has something to do with it.

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Short ftw.

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Pretty much how it is on the first picture.

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I think she looks much prettier with long hair. But I feel like short hair just suits her character some how. Not weird buzz cut hair like in the DTV Year One film but like in the first picture in the original post.

...So, I guess I'll take either.

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Short black hair like how Jim Lee draw her in Hush.

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While I love the short hair, I also like classic Cat Woman with the long hair. I don't think any character should be relegated to one or the other, grow it out, cut it down, it's one of the prerogatives of having beautiful hair.

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I think I prefer her in short, seems more effective and suits the character better.

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Normally i prefer long hair on women, but on Selina i think Short looks best. It just fits her :)

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Short black hair

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I love the short hair.

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Since everyone seems to love the first picture, lets all thank Adam Hughes for drawing such an amazing Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

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Long! Long! Long!

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@Joygirl said:

Short black hair. Her current/normal/modern/GCS look.
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Love Selina with the short hair.

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I like the short hair better. All of the best versions of her were short haired. Also, it's more practical.

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Short. Adam Hughes' has it spot on

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It really depends on the story, yes in modern sense, short hair shows off her personality and her character while I think long hair leans towards the old 1940s Hollywood glamour and how the comic books during the 1940s. But I also think long hair would get in the way when stealing jewelry and fine objects!!

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Short probably fits her better. Long would be a different kind of sexy though.

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Long hair Looks better

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I'd say short like in the Brubaker run but then I remembered Loeb's The Long Halloween and the long hair. So it really depends on the hairstyle & execution.

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Normally i prefer long hair on women, but on Selina i think Short looks best. It just fits her :)


And the thing is, with short hair, she can always wear wigs. She sported so many different styles and looks in Brubaker's run, and technically that wouldn't have been as effective had she had long hair.

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Medium length so both parties can be satisfied!

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Short hair. It won't bunch up under her mask.

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@akbogert: very true! Although it's quite possible to wear pretty much any wig on long hair (don't ask how i know that :P). But short hair makes it a lot faster and easier :)

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@aiden_cross: Yeah but then she has to worry about bobby pins and such, no?

Besides, she has a hood to worry about. I'm sure the short hair is much more practical :)

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@akbogert: yup, and wig caps etc. It would take more time as well so she couldn't do a quick switch or on the fly. And it is :)

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The first image perfectly details how I think Catwoman should look.


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The pixie style cut. I like when she looks like Audrey Hepburn.

Although the long hair and the purple suit is pretty awesome too.

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I'm partial to the New 52 Catwoman's hair length.

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I wonder how many people are saying short hair because of how long Selina's been sporting that style, and they've gotten used to it, and not because they actually think it's superior?

Personally, long hair. Short hair's not really working for her, especially the way most modern artists draw it. Time to ditch the look.

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