Catwoman Respect thread

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I've been searching for respect threats for Catwoman but haven't found anything. From the cartoons to films as long as its Selina Kyle I'm going to make my own feel free to add:

Random stuff:

Escape artist:

hold her own against batman for a while:

Master thief:

Feline affinity:


Expert combatant:

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sorry the images don't expand when you click on them!

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She wasn't holding her own against Batman. He didn't even want to fight her.

That said, I have some Catwoman feats here.

Bullet dodging:

Those are from fodder thugs. These are bullet dodging feats against Deathstroke and Deadshot. The latter is more impressive because she moves fast enough to swing Captain Boomerang around before the bullet can hit her.

Beats a Clayface-esque shapeshifter:

Beats Black Mask:

Scan 1: Moves fast enough that Captain Cold (who is pretty damn fast himself) is impressed by her speed. Scan 2-4: Beats Mr. Freeze.

Beats Hush, and tags Zeiss, a man who sees in slow motion and reacts several times faster than human beings are capable of:

Solo's the JLA. *straight face*

From the DCnU, beats up Reach:

Beats Wildcat:

Beats him again in a sparring match:

Apparently Selina was an inspiration for Babs or some such:

Carry on, Jeeves.

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@CitizenBane: She was kicking Hush's ass in Heart of Hush as well.

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@CitizenBane: solos JLA LOL hahaha

but I like her but still

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@CitizenBane: Woot, awesome scans.

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@Loki9876 said:

@CitizenBane: solos JLA LOL hahaha

but I like her but still

What is this about?How did she beat Batman?

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Anything recent?

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@saren: nice scans. I was planning on making this in the future. I have the wildcat fights, the bullet dodging, the Black Mask fight, and both her fights with Zeiss. I have a bunch more to add as well.

Once I get internet on the 8th, I'll post a huge update of feats from her 90's run. Unfortunately, I'm on my phone so I can't post the few scans that I've already uploaded to CV.

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