Catwoman in Batman Arkham City

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After I finish the game, Am I able to switch between batman and catwoman, If I can, how can I do it? thnx and God bless XD

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There will be 3 exchange points on the map after you beat the game allowing you to play as Catwoman. You can freely switch between either Catwoman or Batman once the game is beaten.

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Awesome! thnx XD

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I'm having trouble here and I hope ya'll can help.

I've completed the game (the campaign). I played through the end, past the final catwoman scene. Unfortunately for me, I left the room right then, just as it was explaining HOW to make the transition between catwoman and batman in the open world.

I've found all three spots in the world where you're supposed to be able to switch between the two, but what buttons do I push? Everything I've tried has failed. Help?

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There will be two cats on the ground at the spots, you press X if your on the 360 and square (an educated guess) if your on the ps3.

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@ rawrnosaurous

Thank you! That was perfect.

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I have a question about unlocking Catwoman.

Do I have to have a gold membership to go to the 360 market place? Can I go to the market place to unlock her with a silver membership. I have the code of course to unlock her. Just don't wanna have a gold membership.

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@The Hooded Hero: If you've got the Catwoman code, silver membership (free membership isn't it?) is enough to to get her. Go to the marketplace and click redeem code, and from their you can download the Catwoman gameplay.

P.S. I advise that you finish downloading the Catwoman stuff before you start playing as it alters parts of the game.

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I've got the PS3 version, so I can't say for certain, but it is my understanding that if you have the code you should be able to download the content regardless of anything else, without any additional fee or required memberships.

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@IncredibleSplosions said:

Is Arkham City a free roam sandbox type of game???

Think GTA with Batman

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@IncredibleSplosions: Lol dude you won't be sorry. This is one of my favorite games ever. Keep in mind that you can't drive the Batmobile or anything like that. Instead you glide and freefall with your cape. It's pretty badass.

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@Afro_Warrior: I already beat the game.

So the free version wont work. I use to have live. it expired so i got nothing anymore. dont have internet anymore to try it.

I was just wondering if i took it to a place where they had internet and hooked everything up if it would work?

I just want to play as catwoman

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@The Hooded Hero: Ahhh. If you don't have an internet connection to download the catwoman gameplay, you won't be able to play as her. If you took everything, as in the game and your x-box then yes it would work, it's a one time download and you don't need to be logged in to x-box live to play it after that.

So yeah set up could set up a free x-box live account and download the Catwoman stuff at someone else's place, and still play it when you bring everything back.

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I prefer playing as Catwoman to Batman

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was i the only one under the impression that she actually had a role in this game........i just found that she is only a friggin' DLC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROCKSTEADY made her a huge deal......and i fell for it....

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Catwoman sucks.

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@Afro_Warrior: Ok what about Robin and Nightwing when they are let out. Is it the same just gotta buy them instead?

#18 Posted by Afro_Warrior (1134 posts) - - Show Bio

@The Hooded Hero: Yep for Nightwing and Robin it's the same process except you buy them, just like you said.

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Catwoman was ok to play in this game but not as much as Batman or Nightwing is

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