Catwoman, hero or villain?

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Is Catwoman a heroine these days or has she gone back to being a villainess?  I've heard that she reformed but then heard she's joined forces with Poison Ivy and Harley Quin, both supervillains.  So has she gone back to super villainy or is she spying on Harley and Ivy for Batman or something?

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They all together are  anti heroic with ivy as the most ruthless  one in the gang. but no cat woman is actually more of a anti heroin  and will be teaming up with batman soon as a matter of fact so she is a decent good little kitty right now. Its poison ivy that might get a little mysterious there and there and then Harley is just trying to fade away from joker making her almost an every day blond so yep. 

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Catwoman tends to cross that fine line. Poison Ivy is much more blunt, though.

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Villain. She has aided BatMan in the past and currently aided Dick a few times, but she has never truly reformed. 

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I like her best as thief.

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to the gotham public, she's still a villian and was just recently blamed along with harley for some "wrongdoing", thanks to ivy. but batman knows that deep down inside she isn't evil or bad or whatever you want to call it. she's walking the neutral line.

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I'd say that Catwoman now days is on the between side or is more Vigilante and sometimes tries to be more like Batman getting ride of other types o scums out there in the dark end of the streets. 

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She is still a thief,but she means no harm,she just steals for her personal wants in life.As long as you don't cross her she won't hurt you. 
she is kinda vigilante,but i would say she plays for both teams.

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Mostly an anti-heroine. She will help Batman whenever he needs her but she can't resist to her thief side (I think).

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Wow there's a lot of different answers to this one. Based on the latest things I've read with her in it I would say that she is a reformed villain still figuring out how to be a hero. Overall she is on the good side of things now, but still has some darker tendencies, like stealing.

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Neutral. Simple as that. 

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Anti-heroine that's for sure

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catwoman is chaotic good.

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Anti-heroine sounds like she's anti-drugs but anti-hero works well. LOL

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i think it depends on the mood selinas in at the moment.

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she plays hot and cold with Batman alot.

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I think she is a little bit of both.

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too true! she has never stood on one side permanently, thats her personality man... she has no side..

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Villian who sometimes fights other villians. Thus why the relation with batman is so good. Which side of her is he attracted to?

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@Mercy_ said:

Neutral. Simple as that.


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I think turning catwoman to the good side is strongly related to growth of feminism

as much as number of indipendent successful women increased this idea spread between comic creators wich more femenist society do not accept female charecter as villians or follower sidekicks of male heros like catgirl so they start to create strong independent female heros or at least reforming the strong female villains to good side .

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