Catwoman Gets Some Action In Latest Batman: Arkham City Trailer [UPDATED]

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Batman: Arkham City. Do I need to say more? How about Catwoman? If those two weren't enough to get you excited, I have one more try. A Catwoman trailer from Batmah: Arkham City.

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We are all on the edge of our gaming seats when it comes to the next Batman video game. It feels like it's been a little while since we've had any new information, trailers or images. Warner Bros. has sent over some very nice looking assets to make our mouths water even more.

What do you think? Meow?


Warner Bros. has sent over some screenshots and character render that you need to check out now!

== TEASER ==

Has your excitement for the game increased at all? What about your blood pressure?

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#2 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

YES! Love this! Can't Wait!

#3 Posted by afierce (290 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh wow... I am stoked for that!

#4 Posted by RiotBananas (40 posts) - - Show Bio


#5 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

Oh Crap! I must have it Now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 Posted by Duncan (11477 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome! I wonder if there are going to be more playable characters.

#7 Posted by SneakyPenguins (60 posts) - - Show Bio

i dont know how i feel about her being playable :/

#8 Posted by Iron_Turtle (590 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking forward to this a lot.

#9 Posted by Queen's Halo (2483 posts) - - Show Bio

So AWESOME! They should make a separate Catwoman: Arkham City.

#10 Posted by VanTesla (524 posts) - - Show Bio

It was good, except for the part where she kissed some random psycho... I never thought of Catwoman as a villain but more like a female version of Robin Hood.
#11 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2782 posts) - - Show Bio

I would totally play with her.

#12 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

Woah, looks like playable Catwoman segments?!  That's pretty awesome in my opinion. 
Can't wait to play.  If only the game didn't scrap the co-op multiplayer they were talking about earlier, it would be even more perfect.

#13 Posted by kennybaese (1209 posts) - - Show Bio

Based on this trailer, Catwoman is definitely going to be a playable character. Hopefully it extends beyond just the challenge levels (it kind of reminds me of the Joker stuff on PS3) and actually is either a part of the main storyline in the game or a second story where you play as Catwoman.  
Also, the rumors a while back that there was going to be co-op in the game maybe weren't that far off. We don't see Catwoman fighting with Batman in the trailer, sure, but that doesn't mean she doesn't in the game.  

#14 Posted by Mucklefluga (2647 posts) - - Show Bio

Batmah looks awesome :D
#15 Posted by afrokola (33 posts) - - Show Bio

Seriously cannot wait to see how she factors in!! Challenge rooms stuff or something akeen to the Ada Wong side story missions in Resident Evil 4? 

#16 Posted by Undeadpool (702 posts) - - Show Bio there're either segments where you play as her, OR there'll be challenge rooms like when you played as Joker in the first Arkham game. Either way: awesome!

#17 Posted by VanTesla (524 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red L.A.M.P.
In what way may I ask?
#18 Posted by Decept-O (7686 posts) - - Show Bio

This is fantastic, I love the trailer.   Hurt me, Catwoman, hurt me.  Bwa Ha Ha!

#19 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio


#20 Posted by PixelStyles (2 posts) - - Show Bio

yes please! 

#21 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (3026 posts) - - Show Bio
@Duncan: Well since Jack Ryder's gonna be a main character also, maybe The Creeper? 
#22 Posted by Ejiku (6 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmm. I wonder if we're going to get some more heroes in here in addition to the villains?

#23 Posted by nszerdy (453 posts) - - Show Bio

I love it--it's gonna be a huge hit no matter what---and I am sure the gameplay on catwoman will be fun as heck!    I love the scenes with two face!   I'm savin' up!

#24 Edited by Duncan (11477 posts) - - Show Bio
@Mr. Dead Pool: That would also be awesome. I heard Robin or Nightwing was also in the game.
#25 Posted by TheOlympian (116 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks awesome.   
Also, Lykke Li is totally appropriate background music for Catwoman.  

#26 Posted by ARMIV (3927 posts) - - Show Bio

Good golly-gumbucks! She looks freaking fun-tastic to play as! 
She'd better not be some kinda console exclusive or something...

#27 Posted by Mr. Dead Pool (3026 posts) - - Show Bio
@Duncan: I wouldn't mind having Tim or Dick. I kinda hope it's Tim as Red Robin, I just like that look on him.
#28 Posted by MrUnknown (1727 posts) - - Show Bio

Selina is supposed to be playable?!

#29 Posted by The Umbra Sorcerer (8319 posts) - - Show Bio

OMFG Epicness!!!!!!!!!!

#30 Posted by Vortex13 (12138 posts) - - Show Bio


#31 Posted by bingbangboom (782 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks cool but her face is a little too frozen for me, especially her facial expression. It is something they could cover with Batman unless they plan on putting the goggles on her too.

#32 Posted by Claude (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Cat scratch fever.

#33 Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt (14418 posts) - - Show Bio

if this turns out to be another ps3 exclusive  im gonna be pissed.
#34 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Playable kitty! I did not see that coming :)

#35 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3823 posts) - - Show Bio

This looks ridiculous. Does it look like there's Catwoman gameplay to anyone else?

#36 Posted by KenTheProfile (420 posts) - - Show Bio

badasss,  just great fun
#37 Posted by NinjaMime (35 posts) - - Show Bio

My most anticipated and pick for game of the year!

#38 Posted by ARMIV (3927 posts) - - Show Bio

And by the way, what are the songs that they used in the trailers?

#39 Posted by GothamRed (2615 posts) - - Show Bio

so it seems Grey DeLisle is playing catwoman, alright

#40 Posted by ryu_talkative_batman (150 posts) - - Show Bio

Holy great cheezit's. That was, speechless.

#41 Posted by craigbo180 (198 posts) - - Show Bio

I wonder if G-Man ever did find the time to play Arkham Asylum...

#42 Posted by KRYPTON (2421 posts) - - Show Bio

To awesome for words. 

#43 Posted by Wattup (682 posts) - - Show Bio

Wow, that's one epic digitezed booty.

#44 Posted by azza04 (1647 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait!!! Plus Catwoman is H O T ! ! ! 

#45 Posted by sweatboy (892 posts) - - Show Bio

now where was that LIKE button?

#46 Posted by Blindside002 (227 posts) - - Show Bio

God this game is going to be awesome. I love Catwoman/Batman written by Paul Dini, we need more of this everywhere. Nolan, take notes about how Dini writes their relationship and we're all good.

#47 Posted by DomDom (1060 posts) - - Show Bio

Catwoman Rocks! Can't Wait!
#48 Posted by simonchan (109 posts) - - Show Bio

Very cool!  
p.s. Don't mean to be anal, but you misspelled batman in the end of the first paragraph "Batmah: Arkham City."

#49 Posted by RareCheshire (192 posts) - - Show Bio

This game is gonna be great! Hope more of the villains will be present.

#50 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (40386 posts) - - Show Bio


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