Catwoman Coming To Blu-ray In September

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Raise your hand if you actually saw "Catwoman."  I know a lot of people rip on the movie.  I've actually never seen it.  I can't really comment on how bad it might be.  I did have a couple free movie tickets from buying some Justice League DVDs that were released around the time of the movie's release.  I just couldn't find anyone willing to go see it (for free).

Now you will be able to own and enjoy the movie in high definition glory come September 8, 2009.  Will the high definition make the movie any better?  What else can you expect?
Patience Philips is dead – and more alive than ever. Murdered after she learns the secret behind a cosmetic firm’s anti-aging cream, she’s revived and empowered by mystical felines. Now she’s on the slinky prowl for adventure and revenge. Academy Award winner* Halle Berry plays the sleek, whip-cracking feline fatale, Benjamin Bratt is a cop torn between romance and duty and Sharon Stone is an ice-blooded supermodel with something to hide in a kicky and stylish Catwoman. With catlike grace, a knack for landing on her feet, a passion for sushi and a loathing for dogs, Berry unsheathes action with attitude.
Special features will include (according to Warner Bros):
  • Exciting Alternate Ending and Additional Scenes
  • 2 Featurettes: Behind the Scenes and The Many Faces of Catwoman
  • Theatrical Trailer

Notice that it's not just an alternate ending but rather an "exciting" alternate ending.

Who's adding this to their home library collection?  Now you have a real reason to invest in a Blu-ray player if you don't already own one.
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I never saw it in theaters, at home, on a boat, with a goat, in a moat, holding a tote, while wearing a coat. I will not eat green eggs and... wait... what was I talking about?
Oh yeah, I'll pass.

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I saw this movie once and unless there is a blue ray deleted scene of halle berry doing a strip tease it could have died with vhs tapes

#3 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

God what a terrible movie.

#4 Posted by csimon (2207 posts) - - Show Bio

really Can any one tell me why it can't me for money I think they only sold 3 dvd in all. one was to a blind man, one was to  halle berry, and the last was to the humane society that how they put the pets to sleep now!

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I know the movie completely ruined the name of Catwoman
But I didn't think it was THAT bad.


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yanno  i read Catwoman,but I never saw this movie.  Good thing i don't have a blu -ray player. Someone might accidentally get me the worst birthday present.

#7 Posted by inferiorego (23261 posts) - - Show Bio
TaffetaDarling said:
"yanno  i read Catwoman,but I never saw this movie.  Good thing i don't have a blu -ray player. Someone might accidentally get me the worst birthday present. "
...when's your birthday?
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I've never watched it, but i'm willing to.

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Didn't see this one, but....mmmmm....Halle Berry......I'd turn off the sound and just watch her in her catsuit.  Just sayin'.....

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The only good thing abour this movie is Halle Berry being sexy

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Nobody said:
"God what a terrible movie."
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@Samuraikenpo: yea good call.
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I really think Catwoman may become the 'Plan 9' of the comic book movie world.  It works as an exercise of how not to make a good film.

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I have one thing to say about Catwoman coming to Blu Ray

You cant make crap any prettier, all you end up is glittered up crap

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Hey it's a prettier way to see crap so don't get mad!

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God no

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In the words of the Angry Video Game Nerd
It's like covering a turd in sprinkles

To be honest, to me, Blu-Ray is a bit overrated

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worst movie ever

#19 Posted by Ramathon (15 posts) - - Show Bio


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Not buying

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