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Ok so I'm just going over some stuff from Batman Beyond issue 2 and the apperance of this "new" Catwoman is so intriguing to me. I have a theory on who it is but I'm not exactly sure if the timeline adds up. My guess is that the new Catwoman is really Kitrina Falcone. She is Catwoman's latest protege in our timeline but going by Batman 700 she'd be Catwoman around the time as Damian's reign as Batman. Not going by issue 700 however it is hghly possible that Kitrina could take over for Selena like any other protege. I mean they brought her into this vast DCU and then we never see her again, until now if she is indeed Catwoman. What do you think? 
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Nobody really knows yet, but my guess is.... it could probably be Kitrina Falcone or Holly Robinson or someone else not sure.

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Never considered Holly actually lol
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well it is the future. it could be catwoman's daughter, helena.
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Good call.

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I doubt its Helena, she was only Selena's daughter in the Birds of Prey tv series and on Earth 2 which I'm not sure about but I think was destroyed during infinite crisis.

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@Phantim555: No the current one, I think Slam Bradley is the father.
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@Cat Burglar:  We'll get to see more of Kitrina in Tony Daniel's run apparently.
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catwoman beyond is african-american and says that she has no ties to previous users of the name and batman. so i'm doubting that she's any of these. as for kitrina, i wanna know wtf happened to her because she's not in batman or sirens and i'm pretty sure they're not going to bring her into the dcu just to forget about her.

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