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idk if i did this allready but anyhoo how many think these two suit each other i like them as a pairing ik some have there prefrence like WW or Vickie Vale heck some even like Bats with Ivy and Harley ik he had a son with Talia but i just for me personaly i think Bruce and Selina suit each other what do you guys think.

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I believe that Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman are suitable for each other.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman was actually created to be a complicated love interest for Bruce Wayne/Batman. You could say that she was created to be his anima just like he was her animus. The Venus-Mars thing.

The History of Interaction between Batman and Catwoman.

From what it seems, there has been a mutual attraction from the very beginning since Batman #1.

Catwoman is known as the femme fatale, but she was actually depicted as having genuine romantic feelings for Batman.

She wasn't a lady that was just toying with Batman's emotions. She wasn't into killing people.

Batman #1 - Batman let Catwoman get away. Well...Robin thought so. Batman clumsily bumped into Robin when Robin was trying to catch Catwoman from escaping off their boat. Batman was attracted to her.

Batman #2 - Catwoman didn't want the Joker to poison Robin to death. She gave him the jewels to save Robin.

Batman #3 - Catwoman kisses Batman and then pushes him to get get away. Was it from a romantic attraction or was it to get away from him?

Well...the issue ended with her driving, wishing that Batman was driving and she was sitting beside him just as another boy and girl out for a ride on a moonlit night and that it would be sort of nice. This showed that Catwoman definitely had romantic feelings for Batman.

Batman #10 - Catwoman kisses Batman for saving her life after a bad guy was going to shoot her. After she kisses him, she got away. Dick even said that Bruce wanted her to escape

Batman #15 - As Elva Barr, Catwoman is in love with Bruce Wayne and actually wants to reform. Bruce Wayne takes advantage of that to try to get Catwoman to reform. Catwoman sees Bruce with another woman, and she gets suspicious. She pretends to be that same woman and talks to Bruce, and she comes to conclusion that Bruce doesn't love her and so returns to back to crime.

Batman #39 - Catwoman saved Batman from getting shot by one of her henchmen when he was lying on the floor unconscious. Catwoman wonders why she saved him and she thinks that she's confused.

Batman #47 - Catwoman kisses Batman when she's in a disguise in connection to a caper.

Batman #62 - While fleeing from Batman, Catwoman suddenly saves Batman from the wall of a condemned building which led to her knocked unconscious. This is where it's revealed that she has amnesia and that her name is Selina Kyle. Catwoman helps as a police operative.

Detective Comics #211 - Catwoman left a knife and silken cord in Batman's utlility belt, knowing that Batman would use it save his life. She had claimed that there was nothing in his utility belt. She had recommended the bad guys that she was working with to give him back his costume and utility belt. Batman knew that Catwoman actually helped him. Robin even told Batman that she's always been soft on Batman.

Detective Comics #369 - The end of the issue shows Selina reading the paper about the new Bat-Girl.

She says "She has her nerve trying to cut herself in on my man. I've known Batman a lot longer than that Jill-come-lately. If he belongs to anybody, he belongs to Catwoman." In her mind, Batman is her boyfriend. She obviously is in love with Batman and is very possessive of him.

and that continued in Batman #197 - Selina/Catwoman puts on a green costume for the first time. She competes with Batgirl for Batman's love by being a crimefighter too, making Batgirl look bad.

Batman says to Robin that Catwoman is in love with him (Batman). Robin responds that everyone has known that that except him (Batman).

She wants Batman to marry her and she even sets a trap for him and wants to get her to marry him.

Batgirl told Catwoman that she wasn't even romantically interested in Batman. Catwoman was jealous and competed with Batgirl for nothing.

Batman #256 - Bruce looks at pictures of Catwoman/Selina and Talia on a screen in Batcave, and he says "Whenever I meet a woman that I care for, she's an enemy and that's my curse"

Detective Comics #122: When Robin, briefly a captive in Catwoman's clutches, notices something:

Catwoman: Batman wasn't hurt, was he? I only meant to scare him back when I dropped that block!

Robin (with a grin): It only grazed him! You sort of like him, don't you?

Catwoman : Of course not! We're sworn enemies! Come, Hecate!

Batman #291:

Catwoman's testimony on who "killed" Batman, Catwoman claimed that she did.

Killer Moth: Impossible! She's never killed! Everybody knows that!

Captain Stingaree: And if she ever loved anyone, it was the Batman!

Ra's Al Ghul: Catwoman, there are many here who suffered greatly from the late Batman...and for whom this is an occasion of considerable joy. Speaking for them, I must take objection to your display of mourning !

Catwoman: Your honor, I overrule your objection! I'll wear what I please! I killed the Batman...but cared deeply for him....and I mourn his memory! ( pointing towards "Two-Face", Mr. Dent, shall we proceed?

I get the idea that Bob Kane actually created Catwoman to be a complicated love interest for Batman from the very beginning. It's very obvious when you read the comic book issues. She even shows an actual attraction to him by the 3rd issue. Batman showed an attraction to her in the first comic.

There some love-hate dynamic, but it's more love than hate. It's more about the fine line between love and hate. Batman wants to reform her.

It also shows that Selina/Catwoman was in love with both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

More about Catwoman in regards to Golden Age Catwoman

In Batman #3 (December 1940), Batman saved Catwoman's life, she kisses Batman,and she escapes from him

Batman says: "Well, Cat. I'm sorry, but I guess you got to go to the police too."

The Cat says: "It doesn't matter! You saved my life! I'd like to thank you for that! Like this! "

Cat kisses Batman. Suddenly with a swift surprising movement, the Cat shoves the Batman back, whisks out of the house and slams the door.

The last page of Batman #3 ends with

Cat driving alone in her car, The Cat says: "I sort of wish the Batman were driving the car and I was sitting beside him and we were just another boy and girl out for a ride on a moonlight night. That would be sort of nice."

In that issue, it's first shown that Cat is actually romantically attracted to Batman. The earlier scenes showed that the kiss may have been a diversion and not out of feelings for Batman. The last part of the comic shows talking about Batman in a romantic type way which reveals that she has romantic feelings for Batman.

Moe in regards to the Silver Age Catwoman:

Batman #197 (December 1967)

The comic where Catwoman becomes a crimefighter to compete with Batgirl for Batman's love. She made look Batgirl look bad as crimefighter, and it discouraged Batgirl to stop for a little bit.

Catwoman says: "Made up your mind yet, Batman? When are you going to ask me to join you in crook-catching --- and in wedlock?"

Batman says: "I'm quite satisfied with the way things are right now, Catwoman."

Catwoman thinking: "How do you like that! He's aloof --- and I'm in love! Here I go and eliminate Batgirl --- and all he can say is --- he's satisfied! Well, he may be satisfied --- but I'm not! Oooh! That man makes me so mad --- I feel like going back to cat crimes again! But I'll give him one more chance! Since I'm a woman in love --- I'd rather be with the man I love! If he won't make the first move --- I've got to stop being coy --- I'll ask Batman to marry me! If he refuses --- ahh, he won't refuse, not when confronted with the choice I'm going to give him!"

It's obvious the writers wrote Catwoman is in love with Batman, and that any flirting,teasing,and trying to get him on her side was actually in connection to her genuine feelings for Batman and not just some mind games with her not having feelings for him at all.

Now more about the Modern Catwoman that started at

Batman #404 (February 1987): "Batman: Year One, Ch. 1: Who Am I, How I Come To Be"

Selina Kyle was actually inspired by Batman to become Catwoman.

according to Batman #503

Catwoman was the first person to realize during the Knightfall saga that Jean Paul Batman wasn't Bruce Batman. She even said that heat pheromones was evidence that he wasn't the real Batman;she said that Batman wreaks of Biochemical attractants and told Jean Paul that he's almost sterile. She straight up called him out and told him that he's not the real Batman without any doubt. She read the guy like an open book and knew that it wasn't him because the chemistry between her and John Paul Batman was absent unlike it was with her and Bruce Wayne Batman. She didn't even know Bruce Wayne's identity at the time. If Catwoman/Selina Kyle was only sexually attracted to Batman, then she would have been sexually attracted to Jean Paul, but she wasn't. Her attraction was really to Bruce behind the Batman costume. The man in the Batman costume made such a huge difference to her that she could tell the 2 men apart by the level of attraction to them. That seems that she always felt a strong connection that went beyond Bruce Wayne's costume.

The Hush saga

Batman revealed her secret identity to Catwoman. Selina and Bruce were at date opera,and they seem natural with each other. Catwoman tried to stop Batman from killing the Joker because she didn't want him to destroy himself. She really cared about Batman destroying himself, knowing that he can't toe the line between light and dark like she can. What attracted her to Batman was his being a crusader who fought for what he believed in. She respected him for that. She wouldn't want him to change. Batman has a dark side that he has to keep in check. How can you not after being traumatized from seeing his parents murdered. With Batman, there is a fine line between justice and revenge. Batman needs detachment to do his job. He can't afford to get all emotional because that would make him weak. I am not talking weak in the sense of he will get his butt whipped. I am talking about weak in regards to that his psyche could be overwhelmed in darkness. If he starts killing, then he will end up being the very same thing that he's fighting against.

She even tried to stop him after being shot, and he knocked her out hitting her in the bullet wounded shoulder from her being shot by Harley Quinn. He voiced his fears that Joker may end up killing her someday and he didn't want that to happen, and he wanted to kill Joker but Commissioner Gordon brought Batman to his senses.

After the Hush saga,

Catwoman volume 3 #32 "It Only Takes A Night"

Selina wanted her and Bruce to go out on a real date and forget about the masks. They looked like a typical romantic couple on a date.. She even invited him over for a nightcap and they cozied up with each other on the couch. It ended with her being covered in only a blanket when she was lying on the couch.

Throughout the volume 3 Catwoman series, she addressed Batman-dressed, Bruce when in private. She didn't see Batman. She saw Bruce Wayne. Even her internal dialogue showed that she thought "Bruce" and not Batman when Bruce was in costume.

Detective Comics #845 (August 2008): "The Riddle Unanswered"

After the prison planet thing, Selina told Bruce about she heard about his blossoming romances with Jezebel Jet and Zatanna. She came off like she was both hurt and jealous. During her talk with Bruce in the Batmobile, she accused Zatanna of moving in on Bruce while she was gone. She seemed like she was a typical exgirlfriend who hadn't moved on. She definitely had romantic feelings for Bruce.

Heart of Hush saga

Selina was showing jealousy about Batman/Bruce in regards Jezebel Jet. Selina went to talk to Zatanna because she heard that Zatanna and Bruce were getting closer. She was down when she said that Bruce moved on. After Zatanna said that Selina should be happy for Bruce, Selina said that it's hard for her to be so dismissive about Bruce that brought so much emotion into her life. She was going to tell him how she felt about him, but she didn't get the chance. She ended up getting attacked and stabbed after being shocked by her attacker's the face which was Bruce's. Of course, it wasn't him.

At the end of the Heart of Hush saga, Bruce confessed to Selina that she's the only woman that held his heart and that he will love her always.

She was actually torn between two men - Bruce Wayne and Batman. It seems possible that she knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman, but she waited for him to confirm it. or she unconsciously knew from being very attracted to both men.

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There is definitely a lot more.

Balent's Catwoman issue #38

Selina thought about why she couldn't stop thinking about Batman. She thought he was like no man that she ever known because the night fits him like a glove the way it suits her. She even thought that maybe he is that rare animal - the one real man that every woman meets once in a lifetime. In that same issue, Bruce admitted to Alfred to that he felt attracted to Catwoman. Alfred thought it was normal and healthy.

Balent's Catwoman issue #39

Selina dreamed about Batman. She was wondering what was wrong with her.

She said that she was getting so soft and simple that she almost regretted getting the Joker and Two-Face after Batman to divert Batman from stealing the Rutherford Catseye pendant. This was a scene right after Bruce admitted that he was attracted to her and he was disturbed by that. He told Alfred that he cannot allow himself to be attracted to criminal. Heck..Alfred didn't even see anything wrong with Bruce being attracted to Catwoman. Alfred thought it made him human. It seemed throughout the history, Alfred had a little soft spot for Catwoman too. He even told her in the Hush story line that he thought the world of her.

Balent's Catwoman #65

Joker wanted Catwoman to turn into a killing machine. He thought it was a great way to deeply hurt Batman.

Batman: "Enough with the games,Joker! This ends now!"

Catwoman: "No! Not until he tells me why! I demand an explanation!"

Batman: "It isn't worth it. Nothing he says will make sense/"

Catwoman: "He turned me into assassination magnet. A spectacle! He tricked me and tracked me, made me life hell or forty-eight hours. There must be a reason."

Joker: "But I didn't murder anyone. Don't you get it? She did! Your girlfriend. That was the whole point."

Batman: "My what?"

Joker: "Batman's girlfriend on killing rampage! Can't you see the headlines now?"

Catwoman: "You-you're crazy!"

Joker: "I take it that you are also just noticing that you're made for each other. Oh, Don't try to deny it, kiddies. Uncle Joker knows of what he speaks! First there is that animal pas de deux. Have you noticed how couples dress up like each other after awhile? But it's disgusting really. There you have it. Then come on this little silly matter of both of you living in Gotham all this time. What are you afraid of missing? The Plagues, the assylum breakouts,or the natural disaster. Please! No one's apartment is that nice!"

Batman: "The police will be here any minute"

Joker: "Ooh! Ooh! And That! The Clincher! Batsy has put me in many times now? And you? Not once! Either this is true love, or you have compromising pictures of him and whatshisface from Metropololis! Trust me, kitty. I know how to get under his skin. It's been my life study. And I couldn't think of anything that would tick him off more than watching you turned into a killing machine."

Batman was wrong. What Joker said made perfect sense! Joker sees that Batman and Catwoman are made for each other and that there is true love between them. It seemed like Joker made a good shrink even though he badly needs one himself. hahahahahaha!

In the Silver Age version, Joker did hurt Batman deeply by changing Catwoman back to bad through a mind machine. It's a similar to what Joker did to Catwoman in the modern age version. He attacked Batman by attacking his heart figuratively. Of course, it didn't turn out well for him. Catwoman got the last laugh. She brought him back to Arkham Asylum and tricked him into thinking that she killed Batman.

Batman goes easy on her like he always did. From what I saw throughout the modern comics, he never really arrested her. Commissioner Gordon had to lay a trap,and that was what got Catwoman captured. He even used Bruce Wayne to help. After Selina/Catwoman got sentenced for 2 years at some women's facility, Bruce didn't seem happy about that. That was Balent's Catwoman issue #79.

In the last issue of the Balent Catwoman series, #94, Catwoman/Selina wanted to explore things between Batman and her. She told Batman how she became Catwoman like how it showed in Batman Year One. She really opened herself to him. She even straight up kissed Batman on the lips after that. Batman broke away responded to her as "Selina" and not "Catwoman" which told me that he was touched but conflicted. There was like anguish on his face. She told him that he can't deny that there is something between them and she asked him if it was time that they did something about it. Batman says that they had this conversation before. Selina says that they haven't and that they flirt,fight,and chase each other over rooftops. She says that they never talk about the reason that they keep doing the dance over and over again. She even told him that maybe it's time that they did without the costumes,and Batman told her that she knows that can never happen. She told him that he doesn't expect him to give up his vigilante life style any more than he can expect her to give up her criminal lifestyle but they owe it to themselves to find out who they are away from the city. She even told Batman that she's leaving for Sao Paulo and to come with her. She said that she wasn't asking forever but a little while and that Gotham will still be there when he gets back. Then she left. Batman didn't even respond. He certainly didn't try to catch. She actually stole something and set an alarm to initiate that conversation. Batman had no intentions on arresting her. He never did except that one time he wrapped her up against a lightpost and she escaped from the cops. That was their very first meeting. After that, it was like he went easy on her.

In the conversation, Catwoman/Selina Kyle really bared herself to Batman and expressed how she felt about him. She wanted to explore the connection that they had as their true identities and not as Batman and Catwoman.

It wasn't about Catwoman/Selina being in love with Batman's costume. She was actually in love with Batman himself and the man behind Batman - Bruce. She wanted to be lovers instead of enemies. They weren't really enemies to begin with. There was a mutual attraction, and they both fought against it. Batman resisted it by telling himself that he can't afford to cross the line of good. Catwoman resisted by covering it up as like she was playing. She was known as the femme fetale. It seems that when it came to Bruce/Batman, her femme fetale persona was her denial and the cover up of her true feelings for him.

After the Balent Catwoman series was over, Batman/Bruce never turned her in after Selina Kyle and Catwoman were assumed to be dead. He even helped her to stay hidden. He even was protective of her being found out by Slam Bradley. As Bruce Wayne,he was protective about Selina Kyle. As Batman, he confronted Slam about it,and he told Slam that he didn't want her to get hurt. He found Selina, and he even offered to help her including help her see a doctor that he trusted - Leslie. Batman/Bruce was already in somewhat gray area when it came to Catwoman/Selina. In a way, he was a like a hypocrite because he helped a known criminal stay free. He did it because he saw the good in her, and he even told her. Selina even thanked him for his help. Selina also saved Batman from getting shot by hitting the would-be shooter with a brick. She definitely didn't want to see him killed or hurt.

any ways....Selina Kyle/Catwoman always had history about being attracted to Batman, and it wasn't actually just using her sexual wiles with him. It wasn't about some lust and sex. There is a lot of depth between her Selina Kyle/Catwoman and Bruce Wayne, but it's highly complicated too.

The way I see it, Catwoman always had a moral center, and she slowly (not rapidly) evolved in the comics.

Now Catwoman is back to being a bit of the anti-heroine again compared when she was more of a heroine in the later 2000's.

The new Catwoman series is based on a younger Selina Kyle and Catwoman in her unrepentant thief/criminal stage and she is still depicted as being attracted to both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

I just believe that Selina is a person who sees shades of gray and is ambiguous.

This is what makes her highly complex which can lead to her easily being misunderstood.

Deep down, she's a good person but makes mistakes. She definitely has her flaws just like everybody else does. Definitely Batman saw that she was a good person. He even found her confusing. He even asked her how she can disregard societal laws but yet casually risk her life to save others. This was in the issue where Joker revealed why he made Catwoman a killing magnet which including him saying that Batman and Catwoman are made for each other and that there is true love between them. Catwoman's gray approach to life challenged Batman's black and white perception of the world. She wasn't evil nor was she insane. This led to him not even really attempting hard to arrest her and turn her over to the police. He even helped Selina stay hidden after she was believed to be dead. He didn't want her to be killed nor arrested. Selina even asked him why did he help her, and he responded that she is a good person deep down inside and wanted her to see that. Of course, there was a strong connection between them. There was a strong mutual attraction between them that they tried to fight. Catwoman covered it up through her flirting and teasing. Batman covered it up through his discipline and reserve and his sense of duty. It was only until Catwoman reformed that Batman allowed himself to get close to Catwoman.

Selina is a very strong,independent woman, and she doesn't want to be dependent on anybody. She's been dependent on people before, and it led to some bad things. She definitely doesn't want to be controlled by others in any way. She definitely doesn't want to answer to any man. I actually see her as feminist type that has a disregard for the patriarchy because she doesn't trust it. There is corruption among the police and the wealthy.

It really isn't out of character for Selina Kyle/Catwoman to reform and become good. She's done it in multiple age periods - the Golden Age, the Silver Age, and the Modern Age (Bronze Age?). I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up doing it in the DC 52 universe but only after a decade or 2. Before the DC 52 started, Bruce even considered worthy of her joining his crusade against crime. Seeing that she wasn't the type to kill and was attracted to Batman hinted at the possiblity that she would fall in love with Bruce Wayne/Batman, reform and become a crime fighter.

In regards to comic book history, I believe that Selina Kyle/Catwoman hasn't been an actual villain since October 1978 if you don't count the Joker converting her back to having a villain mindset with the mind machine. That was just a little bit of Detective Comics #570 (January 1987): "The Last Laugh"

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wow great response i agree with you.

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He definitely has a point you know

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Wow you gave such a through history on their relationship!!!

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