Catwoman #3

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Well Catwoman #3 was good. Real good. I have no reservations. Not trying to be the "latest issue is the greatest issue!" guy here, which I do become sometimes, but I think this may go down as one of my favs when it's all said and done. Too soon to say for sure. Guillem really outdid himself, these are some of the best layouts, angles and most emotional depictions he's done of Selina in over 2 years. His visual storytelling has improved with each issue. And if I can have a quick perv moment, I really like the way he draws Catwoman's thighs. They just look so powerful and sexy. Judd Winick on the other hand, you know I'll admit it, I thought he was going to fuck up here and have her struggling to take down a guy that used to get punked in a group home. Nope, he got it right. Every little beat. The interactions with Batman, solid. Even illustrating her understanding of the cat and mouse aspect of their relationship this early on. Beautifully done guys.

I'm sure someone will come along and have themselves something incredibly minor to have a whinge about but if that's all they can muster then that's a win. Right? Still, I'd like to know if someone actually has one. I know this may come off a bit hostile, but I'm genuinely curious. What? What was wrong this time?

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I really agree with you. I was amazed how incredible the third issue of Catwoman turned out to be. The emotional portrayal of Selina Kyle was outstanding. It got to a pain I was feeling her pain. The storytelling was good. The art and angles were spot on and her interaction with Batman was well handled. Watching her take down Bone goons and hunt him down was nothing short of 100% thrill. Bone turned out to be a pathetic wimp at the end. I was even mad at Batman for a little bit when he didnt let her finish the job but then again I guess it better he stopped her. And the cliffhanger at the end completely caught me off guard. Catwoman has easily become one of the first names on my pull list.

Judd Winick and Guillem March really outdid themselves this issue. 9.5/10 for me

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yeah the dialouge is amazing its really dramactic when i read the first issue i was hooked .when lola died i was horrified and shocked this guy know whats hes doing i dont know if im gonna be able to make it through with out crying alittle

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I just read #3. I really liked it. What she did in the comic wasn't really out of her character if considering what happened to her. She saw her friend's dead body and she was beaten up. She might have been killed. She was pushed to her limit. She was going for revenge, being in a lot of emotional pain. Batman happened to find her and stop her from taking Bone's life. She pretty much chose Batman out over killing Bone. Her connection with Batman is very important to her. She threw Bone off the building, knowing that Batman was going to save him which also gave her time to get away.

It looks like Catwoman has no identity to protect. Batman has seen her without a cowl/goggles. Bone and his fellows have too. Even cops have.

I really do believe that new Catwoman series is really good at showing emotions through the writing and art.

IMHO Judd Winick is doing a good job at showing the interaction between Bruce Wayne/Batman and Selina Kyle/Catwoman. I'd prefer that they sex later after Catwoman is reformed,they fall in love with each other,and Selina knows that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one and the same. I am curious about how the relationship between Selina and Bruce will develop. She's obviously attracted to Bruce and not just Batman. With her already having the hots for Batman, her feelings for Bruce could complicate matters that she gets torn between two men who are really the same man.

I was bothered with Catwoman #1 because of the sex between Catwoman and Batman. It wasn't because of the actual sex. I just didn't like that Catwoman doesn't know who Batman is and they have sex with their masks on as well as Batman having sex with Catwoman in her unreformed criminal stage.

Catwoman #2 got me liking the series because it showed that Selina Kyle/Catwoman is strongly attracted to both Batman and Bruce Wayne.

Catwoman #3 got me completely onboard the series because of the confrontation between Batman and Catwoman of Batman trying to stop Catwoman from killing Bones and Catwoman taking Batman's words to heart.

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i love the new series.......selina/catwoman is really starting to shape up and turn into an interesting story/character....anti hero....etc.....

i still love how winick started this solo was awesome and daring and completely new and in your face/unapologetic......kinda like how catwoman is........

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I love this issue as well. I was first a little unsure of this new Catwoman but it's starting to grow on me.

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This issue was great, way better than the first two. So I won't ever understand the ratings systems here. Giving all three issues the same rating seems a bit like communism to me.

Worse yet was the Batman on Film reviewer, who gave #1 an A, #2 a C and #3 a B. Where's the logic in that?

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@chipsnopotatoes said:

This issue was great, way better than the first two. So I won't ever understand the ratings systems here. Giving all three issues the same rating seems a bit like communism to me.

Worse yet was the Batman on Film reviewer, who gave #1 an A, #2 a C and #3 a B. Where's the logic in that?

The guy really likes seeing cats stuffed into a kennel? I think the issues have gotten better in sequence.

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@mpgeist: LOL. I agree. I hope #3 isn't just a fluke.

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I loved this issue cant wait to see what happens next she has become one of my fav new 52

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Wasnt such a big fan of her throwing the guy off of the roof.

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i think winick is better writeing catwoman then power girl i did not like his run on PG that much iam likeing his take on Selina Kyle though.

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