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i'm sure most of you out there by now know that at the end of Pfeifer's run on Catwoman, ending issue 81 (July), will signal the end of the Catwoman series...


Written by Will Pfeifer, art by David Lopez and Alvaro Lopez, cover by Adam Hughes.

Final issue. Catwoman's on the run in Gotham City once more. Can she stay one step ahead of Batman while trying to turn the tables on the man who's destroyed her life?

32 pages, $2.99, in stores on July 30.

now i have to ask why...

why cancel this book when it's selling between 2,000 and 4,000 issues more than regulars like Blue Beetle (Which coincidentally Pfeifer is moving too)... check the solicitations...

Catwoman #76 - 18,786

Blue Beetle #24 - 14,369

Blue Beetle is selling over four thousand copies less than Catwoman in the same month, yet Catwoman is the one getting canned? Just seems odd.

Blue Beetle regularly sells nowhere near as many issues as Catwoman, but yet Catwoman is being canned now? just seems odd to me, this move, along with several other decisions of late by DC make me actually wonder who's making the business decisions around there and what they are smoking...


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ok back on topic...

Catwoman is a great book, too bad it's beeing cancelled

maybe it's because Catwoman will die? maybe the series is just beeing posponed for a time like Manhunter (which will start again soon)

Maybe since Catwoman will appear in Detective Comics she'll become a supporting cast member?

only guesses tough

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I find it weird when books are selling very well and are getting cancelled. It was like the Manhunter series; selling well and had a positive reaction from fans, yet it got cancelled. It's coming back however.

It annoys me when they pull stuff like that.

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80+ issues is ancient in cat years! Seriously, maybe they want to wait a while and then "pop" the sales with a relaunch and a new number 1. Seeing a book like Catwoman has that many issues of continuity behind it can be sort of daunting for potential new readers. Could the thought process be that a relaunch and new number one would generate better sales, or is this really the end for Catwoman in her own book?

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I think you're right, they probably are looking to relaunch her and probably in the wake of Final Crisis.

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