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in the game dose batman love talia or selina ik he had to save talia but who dose he love in your guys opion. i choose selina cause they seem to have more in commen in my opion.

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He loved Talia in the game but was attracted to Selina.

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well ive read alot of the arkham city comics with catwoman and Batman seem's highly attracted to Selina and care's for her alot with the way he saves her. plus he even suggests to Selina about having a romance in one of them. Arkham city seems to be set before the deep development of their relationship(such as Hush when batman revealed his itentity to selina).also in the interview tapes of Catwoman with strange it say's that she's hurt by the fact that he doesnt fully trust her(yet) or that he knows who she is but not vice versa(yet). if the next game isnt a prequel(from a rumour i heard) then we might see more development of their romance in it.

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