Anne Hathaway: I Should Be Catwoman!

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I'm finally Catwoman and some troll announces it should be the chick from "House"?! The news floored me. 

So this "Cervantes" thinks he can talk up a rival actress as Catwoman and get away with it?! I had the site talk to him, so in the interests of fairness, he is now running the truth:   
I won the role, I should be Catwoman!    
Now, I know some of my roles have made me seem a little... cutesy, but is that any excuse for doubting me in the role of a tight-bodiced sexpot? I'm sorry, but I just had to take issue with the fandalism that's been done to my image as The Catwoman by Cervantes and his twisted fascination with that Olivia hussy! (See what I did there?) Thankfully, Comicvine saw my point and is giving me equal time through Cervantes's own screenname to let 'justice roll down like waters, righteousness like a mighty stream'! 
What? I gave up Catholicism, not the Bible... 
NUMBER 10:  
If the suit fits, you must aquit! Seriously, I'm on trial here? Fine, here's a photoshopped Lara Croft cosplay -- it's not like I can actually show you my paint-on Catsuit!

I'm weapons tested -- I can handle myself. 
A voluptuous thief with sexy countermeasures to overcome? Been there, rocked that! 

I look good in black... 

...but I love the purple cat. Hope Nolan does a 180 and takes this approach...   

I'm in touch with my feline side; no petting...

I straddle the darkness and ride all night, just like the Cat -- and enough on the goggles, already! They're for riding -- when they're up, I'll make plenty of cat eyes at you... 

"Get Smart" had a little more action than the audience expected, because I can handle it; now I'm bustin' stuntmen and mannequins upside the face on set -- so you know I'm the real deal. 

If Olivia wants to be Julie Newmar, I'm going to try my best to pull off a little bit of Audrey's magic. 

So I can bring the art of Adam Hughes to life. Purely selfless -- take that, Olivia! 
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you want to be catwoman?

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lol    :)

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@Deranged Midget
Easy, Picard! It isn't up yet -- something I'm sure you have experience with... JK.
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I thought they said that wasn't the final version of her catwoman suit 

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Anne Hathaway will be a terrible Catwoman...

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@Vance Astro: People said the same about Heath Ledger as Joker 
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This made me laugh. lol.

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You're right, the top pic is a photoshopped cosplay of Lara Croft another viner posted on site. The batpod costume, IDK, maybe. 
I actually prefer Olivia as Catwoman, but I wrote this list to be fair to those who really dig Anne. I think she could be really good, but Olivia? Well, here's her list: 
Olivia Wilde's Catwoman Qualifications 
These two can only settle their differences one way, in my forth-coming blog: Catfight! ;)
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@joshmightbe said:
@Vance Astro: People said the same about Heath Ledger as Joker 
He shouldn't have been in brokeback mountain.
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@Cervantes: HAHA touche...

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I actually think Marion Cotillard would make a better Catwoman

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Cool entertaining blog as usual! :>

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@Deranged Midget
Had to go after Picard -- too funny... Glad you, though, have a steel spine and a good sense of humor!
Nice avatar, I hope Supes looks as good in the up-coming movie! 
Thanks, MrUnknown, guys... I make no secret that this is a blog where I devil's advocate my real position of wanting Olivia to be the Catwoman, but I wanted to be fair to Anne's fans.
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@Cervantes: Thank you and as do I. :P

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Ok. I'm convinced :)

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Wait? What did I just read? 

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@Vance Astro
Give her a chance, but I just knew that I didn't want to watch Halle Berry's Catwoman, because I knew its gonna to be bad!
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