Anne Hathaway Confirms She's Playing Catwoman

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When it was announced that Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were both cast in The Dark Knight Rises, there was some question as to what role Hathaway was actually playing. What everyone noticed is the press release from Warner Bros. stated she was cast as Selina Kyle with no mention of Catwoman. It made sense that Christopher Nolan might just have the character appear in her civilian guise as a love interest for Bruce Wayne rather than have her running around in a leather outfit being a cat burglar. Even Nolan seemed a little coy about confirming or denying Catwoman's appearance. Now we sort of have some clarification. managed to catch Anne Hathaway's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show and she mentions playing "Catwoman." 

  There still may be a tiny chance that Hathaway wasn't completely aware of the role. She may have read a part but I'm sure they wouldn't use actual scripts during readings. She would know she's playing a character called Selina Kyle in a Batman movie and probably looked up the character's history. I won't be personally convinced until I see a more official announcement and the inevitable Catwoman character movie poster. Let's hope that happens.
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This is going to be interesting

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It makes sense to me to have her be Catwoman, because most people don't know who "Selina Kyle" is. I've been a fan of Batman just about as long as I've been alive, and I couldn't have told you Catwoman's actual name. 

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Interesting. I still can't picture her as Selina Kyle but you never know.

#4 Posted by Bestostero (5590 posts) - - Show Bio really depends on how you interpret it... I doubt she is a comic fan so she wouldn't be as careful with her wording... 

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I think she is going to play catwoman why else would they be so mysterious about. I f she is not they better say it at the start so the excitement can't grow and no people get dissapointed.

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I think she's a very talented actress, so she may be able to pull it off.  But I'm not going to bet on it.  She just doesn't do it for me.  Catwoman needs to exude sensuality.  She's just too straight-laced.

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She and france SUCKED at the oscars. 
if she brings a similar performance to TDKR,then i'm gonna cry.
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I'm not sure if Catwoman will actually hurt the movie or help it...the only problem, I hope not too much things happen in this movie, like what Spider-Man 3 did.

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For those of you judging Anne Hathaway solely on her more "family " roles, you need to check out Rachel Getting Married.

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Hrmm... she may just be saying 'Catwoman' to guarantee that everyone knows who she means.  But I suspect we'll be seeing some kitties galore ;)

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Hrmm... she may just be saying 'Catwoman' to guarantee that everyone knows who she means.  But I suspect we'll be seeing some kitties galore ;) "
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Really! Really! 
actual Catwoman!!!! 
oooooooo I'm now happy!
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I think Anne is going to do a great job for either Selena Kyle and/or Catwoman. 

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@ComicMan24 said:
"Interesting. I still can't picture her as Selina Kyle but you never know. "




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Butt crack. Always funny when creeping out of pants.

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I'm still not convinced that she can play a good Selina Kyle.

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@Jake Fury: It was those pictures that convinced me. 
#18 Posted by Squall. (908 posts) - - Show Bio
@Jake Fury said:

#19 Posted by Mercy_ (92011 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL Andy

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@Jake Fury: She looks good in those pics yeah but she doesn't seem to have that seductive thing that Catwoman should have. Of course I could be wrong and I guess she was picked for a reason.
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I'd really like to see what kind of Selina she'll be, I mean, I'm no big huge fan but I do like Catwoman and I do ADORE Anne Hathaway, so I can't wait to see how it works out. 

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Her screen test supposedly knocked it out of the park. I'm really curious now...

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