Adam Hughes 'Catwoman' Original Art

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Catwoman loves puppies too?


 All the work that artist Adam Hughes did for the ' Catwoman' series led to his being one of my absolute favorite artists, and I think a lot of people can agree with me. Not surprisingly, his art on Catwoman which spanned approximately four years is also what led to a lot of his success and recognition within the comic community.

While he is an incredible artist, Hughes is also a really great guy who I had the privilege of interviewing in San Diego at the last Comic Con. So, it is no surprise that he would donate to charity given the opportunity. When I first saw this, I fell in love. I tell you, if I had a thousand bucks to spare I would definitely get this! Check out the original art piece that Hughes completed to benefit the Old English Sheepdog Rescue Network of the South East! All proceeds will go to help rescue and re-home Old English Sheepdogs in the southern states. If you would like to win the piece, you can enter to win on Ebay here.

Oh, and if you love Catwoman (like I do) then you probably chuckled at baby comment, too.
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Heh, love the baby line.
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I have to say Adam and Jim Balent are my 2 favorite artists for Catwoman. I just love the way Adam draws Catwoman it just always represents SEXINESS. 
And I love that story he told about how originally DC didn't want Catwoman for the Real Power of DC poster, and how when they finally did want her in it and how Adam drew her in it , but wearing black instead of white like the others. Having her white cat represent the white theme. Ha Ha I loved it  :-)

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That is pretty priceless. It's the reverse of everything she's about.
Not sure if you visit Hughes devArt page Just in case, he has posted the black and white version of his Catwoman Blackest Night cover and a closeup image of the detail in her face.

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@Bruce Vain:  My sentiments exactly!!!!!!  Hughes and Balent are the "cat's meow" when it comes to drawing Catwoman--pun intended.  *groan*   
Maybe Babs should pose for a Catwoman sketch for Adam Hughes one day.    This is great!!
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 You know it buddy ! :D
Well thanks to Comicvine maybe that dream will come true for her :-)
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"This is dumber than the baby."
Thaaaaat's rich.

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Is it me, or does Selena look a lot like Babs in that picture??

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I think I see what you are talking about. I can see that. Huh, that's interesting.
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@FoxxFireArt:  Good, it's not just me!  I can definitely see a resemblance in her eyes & li'l nose...!
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Hah! Funny & beautiful stuff.
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Okay...umm needs to get some use to
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I didn't really see it until you said something. I think seeing Catwoman in all white was a bit jarring at first. Similar to being snow blind. Like you said, I can see it in the eyes and nose. It appears slightly different then the look he used in the Blackest Night cover he created. Also the way the bangs hang.
Though, I probably shouldn't of said all that in detail. I think I may be coming off poorly. --__--
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If only this was a real cover to a real book.

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awww doggies
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That's awesome.

@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:

" awww doggies "
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Looks nice.

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Well that's something different.

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I chuckled at the baby comment too. Sweet artwork.

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@xerox-kitty said:
" Is it me, or does Selena look a lot like Babs in that picture?? "
You know, she DOES!

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