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In these tales from CATWOMAN #25-37, gangwar leads to a kidnapping that affects one of Selina's friends - but when she tries to trace the kidnappers, she ends up fighting the Penguin and a ruthless, cybernetically enhanced Mafia enforcer known as Zeiss.

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Despite Catwoman's efforts to clean up her neighborhood, violent ganges still rule Gotham's East End. While Batman plots a master strategy to end the violence throughout the city, Catwoman battles corruption in Gotham's poorest district, protecting the innocent families caught thick of the bloodshed.

After a kidnapping gone bad leaves one of her closest friends in the hospital, Catwoman must take on the mafia's terrifying killer-for-hire, a madman known as Mr. Zeiss. Feared even by the Batman, Zeiss is merciless - and nearly unstoppable. Will Catwoman be able to fend him off, even in the midst of the worst gang war Gotham has ever seen?

In the conclusion to his critically acclaimed run on CATWOMAN, award-winning writer Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Sleeper) puts Selina Kyle through her greatest trials yet. With art from Paul Gulacy (Batman: Prey) and Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn), Catwoman: Under Pressure collects Catwoman #25-37.

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