tsakura's Catwoman #4 - Consecration review

Cat and Mouse with a Cap

Maggie Kyle has been saved. Batman is trying to talk to her about the Catwoman. She doesn’t say much if nothing. She gets back home and Selina is there to talk to her sister. She’s happy that she’s alive. While she’s talking to Maggie, Holly comes in and ask her to promise her not to do anything stupid. Selina isn’t too happy that she would tell her why. Then she sees Holly’s face! She says that Cap. Strunk did it to her. After going to her friend in the Police, she learns that not much can be done.

She decides to go as the Cat to talk to the Cap. After she left, Batman comes to see if everything is ok. He learns about Holly, and says that he’ll get him for that. Batman then goes after Catwoman.

As the Cap is taking out the trash, he gets attacked by Catwoman! Of course I don’t blame her for doing this. The guy so deserves this. Batman stops the fight and takes Catwoman with him. She isn’t too happy about this, but he tells her he can help with this. She finally gives up, and tells him she likes this game they play. After a Kiss Catwoman knocks down Batman and draws first Blood. Batman just sits there thinking. He wont let her get the next point.

Seeing the Fight start this way was fun. Catwoman can always help things get fun. She always has the cat playful about her.


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