testla1's Catwoman #22 - Down Under review

Not good anymore...

I loved the first few issues of Catwoman, but ever since the black diamond story, it's just seemed like the characters are flat, the dialogue is forced, actions are hard to follow, and things just aren't interesting anymore. The one good recent thing in this series was her encounter with Batman and when he smashed her helmet. Other than that, it's just no good. If Rat-Tail is still alive, it'll be reeeeally stupid... I don't know if I'm even going to continue picking this up much longer. I'll probably get it until the end of the Joker's daughter story, but after that I'll probably drop it. Not worth the $2.99!

Posted by Guerraa

I agree 100% with your assessment. The downfall happened when they changed writers. Judd Winick was telling interesting Catwoman stories, but this Ann Nocenti is making it real hard for me to continue with this series even though I probably will just to keep up with the "Batman" world.

Posted by Testla1

@guerraa: yeah... it's pretty terrible. It's usually the last thing I read when I get it in a bundle of comics...

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