delphic's Catwoman #2 - I Could Say That I'll Sleep Better Tomorrow, But That's A Lie review

Hell Hath No Fury

Catwoman is one of the titles that had the most controversy about it before being released. As we saw last month that Judd Winick wasn’t kidding about this being a very sexy book we were at the same time very surprised at the context. Catwoman #2 just as good if not better than the first issue in terms of this. It still retains the “sexy” nature that Judd Winick is apparently very proud of, and has this dark underlying plot that just continues to make itself a part of Selina’s world. It is safe to say that this book has surprised all of us.

Catwoman #2 continues right where the last issue left off, as Selina makes plans to finish carrying out her revenge on a hated figure from her past and making a profit while doing it. Selina acts with a certain amount of ruthlessness that one only sees in a woman that has been scorned while carrying out her plans. She plays to her true nature as a thief as she steals and deceives in order to get what she wants. Things don’t exactly go in her favor as matters really turn south at the end of the issue that leaves Selina bloodied. This is a story that no one will want to miss out on, so pick up the first issue, read this second issue as well, and –If you want to—do like me and stay subscribed for the next one.


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    Sexy, Bloody, Fun 0

    The Good:  Catwoman's personality and character have been chalked out pretty effectively within these first two issues: she's got the Batman hang-up, but she's strong, confident and lives for herself above all else.  I love the art. There are panels where Selina is cute, and there are panels where she's gorgeous. There's still a fair amount of skin on show, so given your stand on last month's brouhaha that this caused, you should decide for yourself. I personally didn't have a problem with it, b...

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