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She's a thief who lives to steal just for the thrill of breaking the law. He's The Dark Knight, obsessively driven to battle evil with every ounce of his strength. They should keep each other at arm's length, but...they just can't seem to help themselves! Don't miss this issue – things are gonna get messy!

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Catwoman's Getting It Together 0

Last Issue was a saw a sex scene between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne. This issue was get to see the finale and we get a little more of Catwoman.  THE GOOD: The art is okay. I think Guillem March draws his characters with a lot of expression and it helps move the story. I like this issue better then the last because we get to see Catwoman stage a war and walk out of it untouched. I really like seeing Catwoman intimidating two gangs to pay her and having them take the other down. She is protection...

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It's a lot like a bar fight 0

This issue picks up right where they left off. Some may have chagrinned at the idea of having a blunt sex scene between Catwoman and the Dark Knight so early (or at all) but it really helped show that there is more to them just casual booty calls in the latex covered night. The fact that Batman reiterates his concern for whatever mess she has gotten herself is proof enough he is interested beyond this cat and mouse game they play. Catwoman may love the chase but she knows she is just as screwed ...

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I really enjoyed Catwoman #2 0

So the last issue ended with the fanfiction-y cheesecake ending of Catwoman and Batman getting it on or about to get it on. This issue seems to make it clear they hadn't done the nasty just yet. So it starts off with a bit more fan service as Batman and Catwoman snuggle post-coitus.When Batman tries to pry and find out if she's actually OK, she bolts. I think this helps bring the whole sex thing back from having gone a little too far. It's not just a booty call for Batman. He actually has feelin...

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