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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! The time-shifting events of ZERO HOUR sent Selina Kyle deep into the jungle--of Gotham City! Together with a caveman named Ash and a sabertooth tiger, the Catwoman must navigate the darkness before time itself comes to an end!

A Zero Hour crossover issue. Catwoman is back at her apartment, enjoying her stolen booty before she goes to bed for the night. Meanwhile, at Kingsley Estates, a Mr. Ashton is hired to hunt down Catwoman. Catwoman awakes the next day, to find her apartment transformed into a jungle. She finds a sabretooth tiger in her bed, and a caveman named Ash in her apartment. Catwoman and Ash leave the apartment complex, looking for the runaway tiger, when Catwoman realizes that all of Gotham City is being invaded by things from the past. She and Ash find their tiger friend, and we find out that Ash is actually Mr. Ashton, transformed by the temporal anomalies. Catwoman and Ash share a kiss as the present is eaten up by the Zero Hour time rifts and everything fades to white.

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