batwatch's Catwoman #12 - It's Nice To Have Someone I Can RELY On review

The Psychotic Perspective: Catwoman 12

It's Nice to Have Someone I Can RELY On

This is the first issue of Catwoman I have read since Flashpoint, and I was interested in seeing how Selina was being treated these days. I have heard rumors that she was being written poorly and out of character, but I pleasantly surprised to find this to be a pretty good Catwoman story though not without considerable faults.


Let's talk about faults first.


Dollhouse is a boring villain. Her (his?) costume looks ridiculous, her motivations are...preposterous, and she is hard to take seriously. Granted, the stuffed body aesthetic is creepy, but it is creepy in a cheap horror movie kind of way. In the end, she is just another homicidal, generic, crazy person.


Though I did not feel Selina's personality was off, I did dislike the way she was portrayed physically. Quite frankly, she looks like a whore. I know her costume has not been significantly altered via the reboot, but her figure was more subdued pre-Flashpoint. It now appears as if Catwoman might burst out of her clothing at any moment, and I'm pretty sure her jumpsuit zipper is halfway to her navel. It objectifies women to portray them this way in general, but it also undermines that fact that Catwoman has been a sexy character in the past without needing her body on full display. Less is more, DC. Selina should feel classy. Right now, she looks like a street walker.


It was also disappointing to see another member of Selina's supporting cast

die. I am curious how the writer plans to continue the book if everyone who works with Catwoman continues to die.

Finally in the complaints department, the Kitty Signal was very cute, but I happen to work in the field of lighting, and I know that spray painting on a lens would not create a clearly visible symbol. You have to focus the symbol just the right distance from the lens to get any kind of clarity (try it with a flashlight if you do not believe me). Selina's maneuver would just look like the regular Bat Signal with a little blur.

Fun Issue

With all of this going against the issue, why did I give a decent rating? Well, it was just fun. Selina is just a cool character, and for better or worse, Americans tend to like those who rob from the rich and give to the poor...even if the poor is themselves. Though the plot was not exceptional, it was solid and exciting. The fights were dynamic, Catwoman's call to Batman for help was clever and in character, and the cliffhanger ending made me eager to see what happens next. For whatever faults the book may have, it cannot be accused of being boring.


If you are a fan of Catwoman, I think you will have a good time.

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Posted by chipsnopotatoes

The kitty signal isn't all that original. It's a riff off Hitman summoning her with a dead cat. That was funnier actually.

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