johnkmccubbin91's Catwoman #12 - It's Nice To Have Someone I Can RELY On review

Another Appearance of Batman

This is probably one of the better issues in this series. I haven't known what to think on this as I like most things about this series but others I don't. Another great cover by Guillem March, a shame he can't do the interiors more often. This issue has still got good art from Adriana Melo (who I'm not overly familiar with).

This issue we see the conclusion fight between Catwoman and Dollhouse. Knowing she is a bit over her head Catwoman gets Spark to changes the Bat-signal into a Cat-signal and leave a cellphone that rings to hers for Batman to trace her location. Batman crashes in to save the day and Dollhouse runs. The issue ends with a shocking scene with Spark and Gwen.

Final verdict. There wasn't a whole lot going on in this issue and it wouldn't have been as good without an appearance from Batman which really helped this issue in my opinion. Although at the same time the issue might have been better without him as he doesn't really bring anything besides the fact he's Batman and we might have seen a proper fight between Catwoman and Dollhouse otherwise. I would advice giving this series a try if you have extra money, but there are much better series in the New 52 if you are on a budget.

Rating: 3.5/5


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