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The villainous Bane is now in charge of Gotham City, and under his employ is Gotham's greatest thief, Catwoman! But where exactly do Selina Kyle's loyalties lie?

In the wake of Knightfall, Catwoman finds herself working for Bane, who now runs Gotham City from the shadows. She steals for him, under the watchful eye of a handler named Leopold, whose only mission in life is to make sure she's not skimming off the top. In her civilian guise, it's revealed that Selina has taken a young runaway under her wing, a girl named Arizona, who reminds her of her old friend from the East End, Holly Robinson.

Unbeknownst to Catwoman, her life is in danger. A contract killer is on the loose, hired to kill or hurt Bane in any way possible. Knowing that she works for him, the assassin targets Selina, blowing her apartment sky high and leaving her for dead. It's up to Selina to track down the man who tried to kill her and make him pay.

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